Creative Zen Vision Widescreen (W) Portable Media Player

Creative Zen Vision Widescreen (W) Portable Media Player

Yes, the W in the name Vision W stands for widescreen; and widescreen it is. The 3.7-inch display on the ZV increased to 4.3-inch with the ZVW. According to Popular Mechanics, the problems with viewing angle no longer exist, and made the BOLD statement that it’s the best screen they’ve seen on a portable media player.

The ZVW plays every file format from MPEG, AVI to various types of DivX. There’s also a CompactFlash card slot for additional storage.

The 30GB model sells for $399, while the 60GB will cost $499.
Creative Zen Vision W Revealed! [via]

New Zen Neeon 2 from Creative

Creative Neeon 2 is the second generation of Zen Neeon, with improved screen (now in full color screen). The Neeon 2 support video playback on the small resolution screen of 128 x 128. Creative is trying to challenge iPod Nano with Neeon 2 product lineup.

Like the previous Neeon, it still let users to skin the player giving you an easy way to give it a personality. The other features on the older Neeon like FM Radio, line-in audio, and voice recorder are carried over to Neeon 2. The 1GB version will cost $125, 2GB will cost $170, and the 4GB will cost $190.

Creative Zen Neeon 2 product page

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