Creative Zen V 2gb reviewed – can it hold up against the Nano?

It’s easy to overlook other DAPs when Apple keep insisting on refreshing the iPod range every twenty-three minutes, but they’re there alright, jumping up and down, waving their arms, screaming until their little voices are horse about their added features.  Jenn at Pocketables took pity on one of them, the 2gb Creative Zen V, and decided to put it through its paces.  Did it succeed in making her forget about fruity market-leaders?  Read on to find out…


BMW’s Bangle interviewed

Designers seem determined to step out from behind the drawing boards and into the spotlight, and nobody gets more column inches (or, for that matter, hyperbole) than BMW’s Chris Bangle.  Design & Emotion have interviewed him, covering everything from 5-Axis milled door handles to the balance of design and semantics, with the much-maligned i-Drive interface along the way.


Creative Music Enhancement via Xmod

The new Xmod from Creative, connects between your headphones/speakers and your music source to convert the audio to Creative’s X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity 24-bit surround sound. Sometimes better quality than the originally CD. Compatible with both PC and Macs, the Creative Xmod will be available this month for $79.99.

Creative Makes Digital Music Listenable With Xmod [Via: CrunchGear]

Creative Introduces the ZEN Vision W

Creative Introduces the ZEN Vision W

Go where no PMP has gone before with the Vision W’s 4.3” 262K color 480 x 272 LCD Screen. Hardware Zone proclaims it to be the best video display they’ve seen. I know we already wrote about the Zen Vision W (Widescreen), but it’s always good to recap for those not up to speed. Creative will release the Zen Vision W overseas beginning of September 2006, featuring a 16:9 wide aspect ratio screen. The ZVN will support DVD quality resolution at 720x480 when outputting to your TV. The estimated retail price for the 30GB version is $400, while the 60GB version will cost slightly higher at $500. The release date for the US market is still unknown.
Enjoy the video, and click through for the official Creative ZEN Vision W press release.

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Creative Zen Vision Widescreen (W) Portable Media Player

Creative Zen Vision Widescreen (W) Portable Media Player

Yes, the W in the name Vision W stands for widescreen; and widescreen it is. The 3.7-inch display on the ZV increased to 4.3-inch with the ZVW. According to Popular Mechanics, the problems with viewing angle no longer exist, and made the BOLD statement that it’s the best screen they’ve seen on a portable media player.

The ZVW plays every file format from MPEG, AVI to various types of DivX. There’s also a CompactFlash card slot for additional storage.

The 30GB model sells for $399, while the 60GB will cost $499.
Creative Zen Vision W Revealed! [via]

New Zen Neeon 2 from Creative

Creative Neeon 2 is the second generation of Zen Neeon, with improved screen (now in full color screen). The Neeon 2 support video playback on the small resolution screen of 128 x 128. Creative is trying to challenge iPod Nano with Neeon 2 product lineup.

Like the previous Neeon, it still let users to skin the player giving you an easy way to give it a personality. The other features on the older Neeon like FM Radio, line-in audio, and voice recorder are carried over to Neeon 2. The 1GB version will cost $125, 2GB will cost $170, and the 4GB will cost $190.

Creative Zen Neeon 2 product page

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