Corsair releases their Flash Survivor

Not too long we covered one of Corsair’s upcoming flash drives that touted its ability to withstand just about anything. Today they have released the Flash Survivor.

These tough little drives are built from heavy-duty aluminum with a rubber collar to help in shock-absorption. The drive is also well-sealed in the event that it is submerged in water.


Corsair USB drive is both speedy and sturdy

It might not look too impressive – in fact it’s plump, brash and rubbery – but this Corsair Flash Voyager GT is a 4GB thumb-drive with a difference.  Two differences, actually; firstly that it can withstand such hardships as a full wash and spin-dry cycle, being run over with a truck and thrown at a concrete floor, and secondly that it’s Corsair’s fastest every flash drive.  Potential top-speeds of 34MB/s read and 28MB/s write could mean an install of Vista in half the time it takes to do so from a DVD.

Everything USB plugged it in and checked it out, and you can’t ask for a clearer recommendation:

“Incredibly fast and especially durable, what’s not to like? You’d be foolish not to spend the extra $10 for Corsair’s speed demon of a flash drive”

Corsair Flash Voyager GT 4GB Flash Drive [Everything USB]

Protect your sensitive data with the Corsair Padlock

If you store sensitive data on your flash drive, you will probably go great lengths to keep that information private. Corsair has another interesting drive for that specific purpose.


New flash drive from Corsair will “survive” just about anything

If you’re as hard on flash drives as I am (I currently have 3 sticks lying around without casings from various accidents) you might want to look into this new offering from Corsair.


Corsair’s Flash Voyager 16GB USB Flash Drive

Corsair recently released a 16GB USB flash drive for their Flash Voyager series. But before you start criticizing the bizarre toy-spacecraft styling, you have to remember it was all in an effort to encase the drive in a rubber housing to make it extra durable and water-resistant.

The 16GB storage capacity allows you to store up to four full DVD movies or over 20 CDs of music. The drive is also bootable so you can install Windows on it and boot directly from the flash drive. Sustained read speeds are around 22MB/sec and sustained write speeds are 7MB/sec. Priced at $299.

Corsair Launches the 16GB Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive [Via: I4U]

Corsair Releases 2GB FB-DIMM DDR2 RAM

Corsair Releases 2GB FB-DIMM DDR2 RAM

Xeon Woodcrest users that are hungry for more RAM should stand up and rejoice as Corsair, one of the major RAM vendors, has announced it’s new 2GB FB-DIMM RAM. Packed with high density SDRAM chips with 512Mbit capacity clocked at 667Mhz, it sports ECC and CRC error detection, an Advanced memory Buffer, and is only 1.2” in height allowing you to use this RAM set on low profile cases such as 1U server case. No pricing info on this memory yet, but it's sure to burn your wallet.

Press Release [via corsair]

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