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Toshiba Dynabook satellite TXW/69DW

So not to long ago we learned of ATI’s new 3800 series graphics cards, and already Toshiba is dropping a notebook with the mobile versions of those chips in it. Its Japan only, but still, that’s a pretty quick turn around time.

It’s a 15.4” Dynabook with the HD 3800 chip in it, the Intel PM 965 Express chipset, and a Core 2 Duo T7500 processor. Not a bad show for what I believe is the first notebook to feature the ATI Radeon HD 3800 chipset, I wonder how much video RAM it comes with and whether its GDDR3 or GDDR4.


Black Friday Notebook Sale

So, Black Friday (this Friday for those not in the know) is fast approaching and that means that millions of people in the retail industry will seriously consider suicide as a possible alternative to finishing their shift. It also means that there will be tons of stuff on sale for dirt cheap.

A large portion of that stuff will be electronics, computers, home theater equipment, you name it, the US is probably one of, if not the largest markets for consumer electronics and Black Friday is a great excuse to move a few units out the door. One such product that many cost savvy consumers will be looking for is the coveted uber cheap notebook.


Intel’s new Penryn line – faster and smaller

Intel’s new Penryn line – faster and smaller

Can you imagine a smaller, faster, more energy efficient processor than what is in our computers today? Well, Intel can, and they did. Today Intel unveiled its new Penryn lineup of super small, super fast chips.

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