Delkin’s ImageRouter reads up to Twelve UDMA CompactFlashs Concurrently

Delkin’s ImageRouter is a CompactFlash card reader that offers multiple and simultaneous high speed UDMA transfers for professional photographers. It has a USB 2.0 CompactFlash card reader with UDMA transfer mode and built-in powered hub to support up to 4 CF cards transfer to PC concurrently.


Transcend Intros 32GB CompactFlash

Transcend, one of the fastest growing memory card and digital media company announced a new addition with bigger capacity to their line of 133x CompactFlash family. The latest 32GB 133x CompactFlash operates in both IDE PIO mode 6 and Ultra DMA mode 4 with capability to produce read/write speeds up to 45MB/16MB per second. The RoHS compliant CompactFlash features built-in ECC (Error Correction Code) and comes with a lifetime warranty. Transcend has not disclosed the card’s price and availability at this point.

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CES 2008 : Another Breakthrough from Pretec, 48GB CompactFlash with Ultra DMA Mode

Once again, Pretec raises the performance and capacity bar on latest line of CompactFlash card. The Taiwanese has announced another breakthrough in Flash industry, the new line of CF333 ranged from 16GB, 24Gb to a whopping 48GB with an ultra fast 233x-333x speed of Read/Write up to 50Mb/40MB per second. The largest storage of 48GB is rated at lower speed of 233x but still capable to produce read speed of 35mb/s. The Trio supports ultra DMA mode 0-6 and are built with best reliable solution in mind. Pretec claimed a 10 times better in durability compare to a typical CompactFlash using its metal housing and ruggedized construction for protection.

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The Industry’s First Smart CompactFlash card from Ridata

I reckon my CompactFlash been to interesting places and they are still working like new. On top of my head, washer (not the LG :)), dryer, freezer, swamp, swimming lesson..etc.The industry most reliable media format will get another boost by Advanced Media to push CompactFlash’s data integrity and reliability in a much safer ground. Ridata will introduce new line of SMART CompactFlash Card at CES 2008 features self-monitoring analysis and reporting technology that’s commonly found on magnetic hard drives and RAM memory to minimum data loss. The new series are the Supreme 150X (up to 8GB capacity-SLC format) and Lightning (up to 16GB MLC format)


ALEUTIA low power computers for touch places

Can your PC get more green that the 8 watts that this PC uses? Or what about the solar panel that provides pretty much all the power this PC needs?


Delkin Debuts World’s Fastest 16GB UDMA CompactFlash

Belkin claimed the world fastest UDMA compact flash title tops their competitors by twice the capacity to 16GB. The latest addition boots its read/write performance up to 305x or 45m/s when uses with latest UDMA enabled digital camera such as Canon 1Ds Mark III, Nikon D300 and Nikon D3X.


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