Commodore Netbook is a Commodore in name only

Commodore Netbook is a Commodore in name only

While it may not have anything to do with the Commodore brand from back in the day, this Commodore Netbook is sure to catch attention based on its name alone. Jumping into the netbook market, the Commodore UMMD 8010/F made its debut at IFA 2008 and mostly skimmed under the radar.

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Sweet Nostalgia: Old Computer Ads to Put a Smile on Your Face

As all the latest technological advances rush over us in a wave, sometimes it’s nice to look back and fondly “remember when.”

Where were you when Atari announced their 800 model home computer? Or what about when the Commodore 64 burst onto the scene?

Regardless of the model, now you can see all your favorite ads from the very beginning days of computing right up through the 1980’s. Well, 101 of them, at least. Check out the full list. If you ever doubted that tech has come a long way, this should confirm it for you.

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

Wii Virtual console is getting the Commodore 64 bump

The Wii Virtual Console is already rather expansive covering the NES, SNES, N64, Mega Drive, PC Engine, Neo Geo, Master System, and Game Gear, the addition of the Commodore 64 line is just sprinkles on top of the icing on the cake. Internal Karate and Uridium will be the first titles out from the system and more will come later.


Guitar Hero the Commodore 64 way

Guitar Hero the Commodore 64 way

I know there are still many Commodore 64 fans out there, and one of them is Toni Westbrook; a guy that work on a project called Shredz64, that aim to create connectivity and interaction between Guitar Hero controller with C64. The project plans also include the game itself that runs on C64 using the retro 8-bit beep and blips to output the sound. So far Toni has gotten the controller to work with the C64 and the game development itself has been started earlier this year. Way to go Toni!

Guitar Hero For The Commodore 64 [via kotaku]

Gravel in Pocket and C200 – the newest creations from Commodore play music and videos, not games

I really thought that Commodore was dead and buried until a few months ago. Then they come out of nowhere with some cool looking gaming PCs. Granted, they’re a bit overpriced, but they do look cool. Now they’re throwing us for a loop once again by working on an MP3 player.


The Commodore is back

The Commodore site is up and running now, so you may want to head over and check out what they’ve got to offer. Don’t be too surprised if the only resemblance to the Commodore of old is the name.

The gaming rigs that they have look like what I would expect from any other high-end system builder would have. They do have cool “C-kins” that you can put on your PC. It’s a paint job for your case, only they say that you can change your C-kin to fit your mood. They don’t, however, say how you will be able to change them. They describe the C-kin as a painting process, so I hope they don’t actually expect you to send in your whole PC for a new paint job. I don’t see a lot of people going for that.

No word yet on pricing, as the store isn’t actually open for business. You can browse all you like, but the store will officially open in mid-April.

Commodore Lifts the Curtain on Its Gaming PCs
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Commodore to re-enter the gaming market

My first gaming console was the original NES, but for many of you reading this, you likely had many good times with your Commodore64. Unfortunately, the 90’s weren’t so great to the best-selling console of the 80’s and the company pretty much dropped off the radar.


Re-live the days of the Commodore

I never owned a Commodore 64, nor have I to my recollection ever used one. My school was full of Apple II’s, and my first computer was also an Apple. But for those of you that loved your Commodore, here’s a mod that will make your day.


Commodore’s Little Gravel In Pocket PMP

Commodore’s Little Gravel In Pocket PMP

I’ve seen and heard a number of odd product names, but Gravel In Pocket takes the cake. Lets all say it out loud together “Gravel In Pocket,” erm isn’t that a great name or what? Ok, back to business, Commodore is expected to announce its new personal media player tomorrow at IFA, in Berlin. The company’s new personal media player features a 2.8-inch display, WiFi, and plays WMV, MP3, WAV, Xvid, and DivX files. The standard version comes with 1GB internal flash storage or get the optional 2GB model. It’s also got an SD slot for additional memory storage. Wait, there’s more Commodore goodness, the company will also launch a new site called CommodoreWorld to provide content for the Gravel In Pocket. The new site should go live no later than November.

ComodoreCorp PDF data [via Engadget]

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