Colored Lights

Illuminaire LED TV backlighting

Watching TV in the dark causes eye strain. We all know this but we still do it, in fact I prefer it which probably explains my need for glasses. For those of you who are concerned about eye screen Illuminaire offers a solution that is very pleasing to the eye.


Lazy Man Holiday Lights help decorate all year round

I grew up in one of those houses where every holiday had decorations and even some made up holidays had some. What I’m saying is, my mother loves decorations. However, my father doesn’t enjoy them so much, especially if he has to take part in putting them up. The Lazy Man’s Holiday Lights, though, is a great way to please both of them by putting up your lights only once.


LED Blow On/Off Candle

I, like your average woman, love candles. We can’t explain it; it’s just one of those great woman mysteries like miniatures and soft, fuzzy things. We eat that stuff up! So of course when I saw these candles my heart skipped a beat. They are by far the coolest candle I’ve ever seen… and they’re not even a real candle.

This faux candle comes packaged like the real deal. Its solid wax exterior houses a LED light which flickers like a real flame. The penultimate feature is that you can switch to a warm yellow glow or a cool blue to suit your mood or lighting needs. Of course, the best part is that you can blow it out… and blow it on.


The Jellyfish Mood Lamp

When I think calm and relaxing the first thing that pops into my head, like most of you I’m sure, is jellyfish. I could spend hours watching the majestic jellyfish float around in its underwater paradise, and if you buy the Jellyfish Mood Lamp, so could you.


Setting the Mood Beams

The night light gets a makeover with Mood Beams. The third series is available now and they are sure to cast a happy glow on an otherwise gloomy night. These bright, colorful creations are perfect accessories to any bedroom or office.

While it’s look seems to be geared toward children I’m sure many adults will pick up a set for themselves. The have a range of settings for your entertainment. While Heartbeat and Rainbow give off cute and cuddly thoughts, Strobe, Color Dance, Color Hold, and Sleep are more aptly named.


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