ChillyChilly Seeing Double wall clock with secret time decoders

Remember when you were a kid and you got those little spy kits that had the 3D writing thing where it supposedly hid the message, even though you could read it as long as you didn’t try and focus the two? Same concept, but with a clock.

The Seeing Double clock from ChillyChilly has the hours and the minutes transposed over each other in red and green. The hour and minute hands have different color filters on them, the hour hand is red, the minute hand is green, so when the minute hand is over one of the 12 locations, only the red shows through and its whatever minute marker that is, 5, 10, 15, 20, you get the idea.


The Time is Money Clock

Combining gadgets always offers a bit more simplicity. Its even better when they make some sneaky statement, such as the Time is Money Clock.


Projection Clock has old-school clock face

When I first saw this thing I thought it was a dual purpose alarm clock and coffee maker, but its not, just the projection clock. You can dim the light behind it, or change the focus if you want.

Me, myself, and I, as I sit here writing this, am thinking about ways to mod it to make it better, such as changing the clock face, applying a light filter for different colors of like, things like that. That would make it cool, or if it was weather proof and you could project it outside, just screw people up by setting it to the wrong time.


Darth Vader alarm clock projects time, uses the Force to awaken you

This Vader alarm clock has a frickin laser to display the time on your wall, ceiling, face, wherever you aim it pretty much. It will also display the Vader name.

There is a Vader figurine on the left of the alarm clock, and a red hemisphere on the right. The hemisphere acts as a night light as well as a snooze button of enormous proportions.


Mod – Hard drive clock

We see a lot of strange and geeky clocks around here. Most of them are just silly or cheesy. Ones that use PC parts generally just use them as a face with the regular clock mechanism ticking around it. Well this clock hack is certainly one of the most original, as it uses the platter and needle from the hard drive to tell you the time.


The Nintendo Mario Kart Phone and Alarm Clock Radio

If you have an addiction for all thing Mario and Mario Kart, then of course you have to decorate your house with random Mario accessories. If you do you might want to include this Mario Kart Alarm Clock and Phone.


Batman Collapsible Desk Clock

Even we adults need their toys, we just call them desktop accessories as time goes on. This Batman Collapsible Desk Clock is sleek enough to almost look grown up, almost.


Creepy Cuckoo Clock from Michael Sans

Occasionally people take things a bit too literally. Usually when most people think cuckoo clock its not with an actual cuckoo bird.


The Sparkly CD Clock

Recycled gadgets are always a nice thing to add to any home especially if they are done well and really look cool. This Sparkly CD Clock is made up of old used CDs and turned into these chic clocks.


Tubes Clock poorly impersonates Nixie tube clock

I’m sure that you’ve seen those cool clocks made from Nixie tubes before. They look really cool, but unfortunately they’re expensive and you run the risk of the vacuum tubes burning out, which can be a real pain. Here’s a cool clock that simulates the look with LED lights.


The “Will Return” Clock

This clock adds a bit of fun to the classic “Will Return” sign. If you aren’t paying attention, you don’t really even notice it’s atually a clock.


Show your geek pride – the Motherboard Wall Clock

I know all the motherboard related gadgets have a tendency to look a bit dorky, but occasionally they do look good. Like this 14” Wall Clock, well at least in red.


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