The Mini Alarm Clock

For those that travel quite often, those hotel alarm clocks don’t always seem trustworthy enough. Generally, if you actually attempt using the foreign alarm clock you spend the rest of the night sweating that maybe you set it wrong. This Mini Alarm Clock is portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

Sadly, this device seems about 10 years too late, since most of us just use our cellphone for an alarm when we’re away from home. However, it does also have a built in flashlight and sometimes those alarms in our phones malfunction a bit. That or you may not have an annoying enough ringtone to wake you up in the morning. So, if you need an alternative this little clock is just the thing.

It measures 1” x 3” x .75” therefore it would be great to just toss in your pocket or in an overnight bag. It also includes a calendar, stopwatch and timer. All together it costs $25.

Mini Alarm Clock
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Tick Tock Timebomb Clock

There are certain things that are fun for a laugh and then there are the things that are just bound to get you into trouble. The latter are the things we relish to own and I just know this clock makes that list.


The Tempo Time Tag

I in the past few years have sworn off of watches, I basically came to the conclusion if I couldn’t find the perfect watch that I have designed in my head I will have no watch at all. That however, leaves me with my cell which only displays the time on the front for about ten seconds after you have closed it. For those that can’t constantly check their phone, this discreet little clock is a sneaky way to keep you on time.

Certain tricky places like to abandon having a clock displayed on the wall such as waiting rooms, board rooms and the occasional classroom. Two of the three tend to frown on you constantly glancing at your cellphone. This little clock just clips to your shirt, pocket or even your purse.

The clocks come in a set of two, which is convenient since I’m sure with them being so small they would be easy to lose. It is sold on Amazon for $17.95 and for once, batteries are included.

Sneaky Clip Led Clock
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Leadtek WinFast PX8800 GT 256MB graphics card

Leadtek has just released their latest high-end offering in the form of an nVidia based DX10 compatible graphics card. This card utilizes the GeForce 8800GT graphics processor and 256MB of GDDR3 memory.


Rambus new Terabyte Bandwidth Initiative

Rambus, in case you didn’t know, are more or less the creators of all the major releases in PC memory (like “all your RAM are belong to BUS” style). They are working to up the number of bits passed per clock cycle to 32, which is up from the current 2 bits per clock cycle.

That alone would allow up to 16 gigabits per second to be transferred on a chip running at 500MHz, that’s around 16 times that of DDR2. now you throw a bunch of those chips together, up the clock speed to something more modern, and you are hitting that terabyte per second number they are aiming for.


OLED based watch looks amazing

I don’t know what it is about the way OLEDs look, but I have always liked it, its kind of a retro look I guess, anyways, this watch works solely with and OLED display. When its not telling time, it displays a field of stars, a starry night sky if you will.

But if you shake it or tap it on the screen, it comes alive and shapes into a proper time discerning device. Its just an analog clock, it’d be cooler if it was digital, or if you had a choice, but its still a cool looking watch.


The Karlsson Spider Clock

Although there have been several versions of this particular style of clock, this is by far the best one I’ve seen. Most try to mix white and silver, instead by using an all silver sheen which gives it a much more contemporary feel.

This Karlsson Spider Clock being sold at Contemporary Heaven is just the kind of clock you envision for that studio apartment with perfect white walls and furniture. Not to be confused with the white walls found in every apartment I’ve ever had. Don’t ask my why, but there is a difference.


The Just A Moment Clock

Yet another odd clock to adorn your walls. It seems that more and more strange clocks are coming out of the woodwork. I feel a bit odd having a normal clock, I might becoming a bit of a minority. This Just A Moment Clock is odd, but it does keep a sleek and sophisticated look to it.


Wayfinder digital compass

Sure, you could buy one of these and pretend like you know something about following directions and using a compass, or you could just quit playing macho and go buy something with GPS and a touchscreen. No seriously, how many of you out there actually know what a compass is let alone how to use one?

I learned, thanks to the BSA, I am pretty sure it’s a requirement along the way to getting your Eagle Scout, but after I learned how to use a map and compass and other markers to find my way if I ever got lost, I started realizing how few other people know how to. With this day and age of everything even my iPod Touch (thanks to some hacking) having maps, and more devices every day, including my Helio, having GPS, its only gotten worse.


Firebox Designer Binary Clock

Well you see, it’s a clock, and the time, its displayed in binary with lights. There is a row for each hours, minutes, and seconds.

The columns are in binary starting at the left with 32 and then decreasing by half all the way down to 1. I have no clue what the top most row is for, as the bottom three are the rows that actually tell time.


Boynq WakeUp iPod clock radio

It looks weird, but in a good way, like it could transform into iPodimus Prime at any point. Anyways, the thing perched on its edge are the speaker portions of the device, the front section is the clock and the media selector/controller.

A grand total of 20 watts of output isn’t bad for a clock radio, my Altec Lansing 2.1 system only puts out 12 watts, and I wouldn’t have traded it for a thing, until one of the satellites blew. So there are four quarters if you will to the front of this device, the top right is the iPod dock, top left is the media selector/controller and the bottom two is the clock.


Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock will make you go deaf

You get roughly a minute and a half before you start losing some of your hearing, but at 113 decibels, if you don’t wake up before a minute and a half, you must be deaf already or dead. You can set the volume, but it maxes out at 113 decibels.

There is also a thing to vibrate the bed, I would assume you’d place the item beneath the mattress. Hopefully, for your neighbors sake, you can use that combination and wake up with a lower volume setting than 113 decibels.


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