Darth Vader Sculpted Wall Clock is watching you

Darth Vader Sculpted Wall Clock is watching you

Okay, so it's not really watching you, but this Darth Vader Sculpted Wall Clock made by Wesco Limited is a tad bit creepy and would be a very bad idea for an accessory in a child's room.

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Corpus Clock is cool and strangely pessimistic

Corpus Clock is cool and strangely pessimistic

Nothing like being reminded of the fleeting nature of time every single day. That's precisely what the students entering the Corpus Christi College's library will have to face from now on.

The Corpus Clock cost $1.8 million to make and features an escape wheel that is moved around by a grasshopper called a chronophage. It's totally unconventional and has no hands for seconds, minutes or hours. Instead, it has a wheel with openings that reveal blue LEDs to indicate the time.

The grasshopper perched on top blinks and "eats" the minutes. It's really pretty cool looking and was introduced by Stephen Hawking this past Friday. Funny thing is, the clock will occasionally stop, slow down, speed up and go backwards.

[via Crave at CNET]

Melting Clock honors Salvadore Dali’s artwork

If you’re on the lookout for a bit of quirky art, this clock takes on a similar shape to one featured in Salvadore Dali’s The Persistence of Memory painting. This little clock if nothing else would definitely make for a nice conversation piece.


The TX54 Concept design is not for nail biters

Timex decided to team up with Core77 and hold a global design competition called 2154: the future of time design. Timex did so to celebrate 150 years of watch crafting.


The water-powered clock from Bedol

This isn’t the first water-powered clock to be sold, but it is a lot more attractive than some I have seen. The other one I wrote up over a year ago not only was cheap, but looked it.


Cardboard Grandfather Clock – matches pizza box tables

If you can’t afford a large intricate grandfather clock and want to horrify your older relatives, this little clock ought to do the trick. Even the younger generation might find themselves horrified over it.


The retro Wooden Radio Clock

This little clock is meant to look retro, but honestly the wood design looks like it was made out of plywood with some fake wood paneling tossed on top. However, the seller Gadget4all isn’t exactly known for their chic designs.


Tyrant Alarm makes unwanted phone calls

There have been several overly cruel alarm clocks pop up, the Sonic Boom alarm has been probably the worst, that is until now.  This clock appears perfectly innocent, but it actually uses a bit of negative reinforcement to get your rear out of bed.

Every three minutes after it goes off, if you don’t shut it off, it will make random phone calls from your cellphone.  That’s right, have a number you’re hanging onto for sentimental reasons but would never call, it may get dialed.

Even worse is if you happen to wake up someone that wasn’t ready to be awake yet.  I’m fairly sure that this would be extremely effective to have you bolting to shut it off in time.  This is still a concept design though, so the world is safe for the moment.  It was created by Alice Wang.

[via joshspear]

The Gelule Clock Radio concept design

This cute little concept design is definitely not for those that have slanted floors. It’d end up rolling off the nightstand onto the floor the second it got to ringing. Then again that might help you rush out of bed to go find it, so I suppose it depends on your perspective.


The Digimech clock only looks LED

Alright this incredibly cool clock has a slightly different take on the usual digital clock, by feeding the plastic strips through to show different times. The backing is clear to allow you to watch the gears do their work if you have a fascination for seeing the insides of your tech toys.


The Big Time Wall Clock for the absent-minded

If you have a tendency to completely flake on what time it is, this giant wall clock is a nice reminder to keep you on time. The massive clock is large enough that no matter how busy you get, you can’t possibly miss the time.


The Alba Make Art Clocks may get your artwork sold

If you’re just itching to get your art out there and on some kind of a product, these little Alba Make Art Clocks are a nice chance. Plus for those without artistic ability you can pick up unique looking clocks without having any artistic skill.

They had already released the clocks with art already on them, but suddenly decided to give other artists a shot. This seems to be a limited release since there are only 25 of the plain white clocks that will be released so you’ll have to get to them quick.


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