Yamanote Alarm Clock – Where’s that train again?

One thing I love about living where I do, is that I can either walk or drive anywhere that I need to go. I used to live in one of the Chicago burbs, so I know what it’s like trying to hurry down to the train station to get somewhere on time. Over in Tokyo there are a lot of people that have to catch the train, and now there’s an alarm clock that will make sure you never miss it again.


The Soup Can Clock

Need a new clock just for the kitchen? This Soup Can Clock could be just the thing to hang up and it’s likely to attract all kinds of attention.

I can’t decide if this clock is so original it’s chic or if it’s just what you hang next to your redneck wind chime (you know, the one with a bunch of empty beer cans). It is pretty cool that it is handmade and that the can is recycled.

The artist Steve Buss is selling it for only $26. I suppose since an artist made it, that qualifies it as chic.

Soup Can Clock
[via uberreview]

Vintage portable TV is converted into a Space Invaders clock

We see all kinds of crazy clocks around here, but this has to be one of my favorites. Someone rigged up an old portable TV to display a game of Space Invaders that actually shows the time.


Vibrating Ring arouses you in the morning

Okay, so next up is a vibrating ring that you wear in bed.  But before you think we’re retreading some intimate old ground let me point out that it’s actually designed to gently wake you in the morning.  Meng Fandi’s Ring concept is a discrete alarm clock that allows two people to be roused at different times without disturbing the lucky bugger still sleeping. 



The Techno Hand Clock

If you’re in the market for a more artistic clock as opposed to the normal kind with actual numbers, you might want to check this one out. It’s definitely enough to turn a few heads.


DIY digital clock kit prompts design competition

Clock kits are nothing new – in fact I remember producing a monstrosity of timekeeping while in high-school tech class, complete with “fashionable” bent plastic stand – but they tend to be analogue since it’s a lot easier to pop a few hands on a sprocket and slap an AA battery in round the back.  Digital clocks are far rarer beasts, which is why it’s so nice to see Furni’s set and to hear that they’re promoting some ingenious thinking thanks to a design competition.



Earlarm – big sounds come in small packages

We’ve seen some pretty crazy alarm clocks here on Slashgear, but this one takes the cake. It’s got to be the strangest, and possibly most effective alarm out there, if you can stand it.


The Ghost Clock: Not for the clumsy

The Ghost Clock is probably within the top ten signs you don’t have children. I’m terrified to have a clock like this and I don’t even have any.

This is one of those things that you avoid looking at for fear that if you look at it wrong it will break. Although you can’t help but appreciate all the cool details within the clock. It also comes in bronze, green and blue. I like the colored ones slightly better, since they somehow look less fragile.

Like any highly breakable clock it is pretty expensive. It is priced at right around $140.

Ghost Clock Doesn’t Actually Look Like a Ghost [via gizmodo]

everlab’s 1 Hour Circle – it draws on your walls so your kids don’t have to

Are you feeling the urge to color on your own walls? I’m sure it would send your kids into shock if you did. Well then this everlab’s 1 Hour Circle might be the clock for you.


The Donut Clock-for sweet stuff at any hour

More and more gadgets are popping up that are some cruel joke to make you constantly hungry. The Donut Clock is no different.


Orangita Cuckoo Clock adds a new spin to a classic design

Are you a little bored by your grandparents’ old cuckoo clock? Well then you might be just the type of person that would want the new updated version of the classic clock. This cuckoo clock adds a bit of a whimsical touch, and the bird is so cute.


DST came early this year, was pointless

I remember when they first announced that Daylight Savings Time was going to come three weeks early this year. I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to remember to change all of my clocks and update my computers to sync with the changes. Oh, and all of my relatives’ computers as well. The good thing is that it all paid off, we saved so much energy that it was all worthwhile.


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