Cingular gets a slice of the MySpace pie

A little over a week ago I wrote that, with Helio’s exclusive contract with MySpace expiring all too soon for the MVNO’s liking, other network operators would be wanting a piece of the social networking pie.  In response, Helio is planning a dedicated app for its subscribers that will make MySpace interaction faster and cleaner.  Today, with the news that Cingular will be the first competing carrier offering MySpace on its cellphones, it might want to get that software out the door asap.

For $2.99 on top of a regular monthly package, Cingular subscribers will be able to upload photos taken on cellphones, read and respond to MySpace e-mails, update blog entries and view and search for friends direct from their handset.  Running as a Java app, with 30 popular handsets compatible on launch and a further 20 supported in the following few weeks, Cingular will also be adding online video support sometime in 2007.  MySpace has already put the boot in, claiming that Cingular’s version will be “more expansive” than Helio’s offering.

Call me a crusty old cynic, but how many people actually interact with MySpace via their cellphones, and how many would want to do that?

Cingular to offer MySpace on cellphones [Reuters]

HP bring HSDPA on-board with new nc6400 notebook

The number of cellular-enabled notebooks keeps growing, with HP latest on the bandwagon as customers realise that far easier than tethering their cellphones to their laptop is to have some sort of mobile data capacity on-board.  Taking advantage of Cingular’s UMTS/HSDPA network for up to 3.6 megabit speeds, the nc6400 has a tri-band modem that will not only work in the US but can also take advantage of GPRS and EDGE services elsewhere in the world.

Vista capable, the nc6400 has a 14.1-inch widescreen display, Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and comes with an integrated Intel graphics chip as standard, although an ATI Mobility Radeon card is a paid option.  It starts at $1,599, with Cingular’s unlimited BroadbandConnect service coming in at $59.99 a month.  Further international add-on plans are also available, with $109/mo getting you 100 megabytes worth of use each month in Canada and Mexico, or $139 for 100MB in more than twenty-four countries worldwide, with both plans including unlimited domestic use. 

HP [via Laptoping]

Cingular Phone LG CU400: 3G Push-to-Talk

Starting on Tuesday, Cingular began offering LG’s CU400, the 3G Internet and video phone. This CU400 is the first phone from Cingular that support a push-to-talk function allowing you to speak with up to 30 people.

The phone also supports the ultra fast UMTS data transmission for downloads, music clips, and email. With Cingular video service, you can watch video, TV, news, and more. The phone comes with 4x zoom & video VGA camera, Bluetooth, MPEG4 and RealVideo support, MobiTV & MobiRadio, Quad-band world phone with domestic UMTS, and more. It weights only 3.27onces with 3.36 x 1.89 x .90 inches. The talk time is up to 5 hours with up to 12 days standby time. The CU400 is now available from Cingular for $230 at retail or $30 with a two-year agreement plan.

LG CU400 marks first 3G push-to-talk Cingular phone [via electronista]

Cingular’s BlackBerry Pearl 8100c – unboxing

There are some people out there who, when they get a new toy, hurriedly rip away the packaging in a mad dash to get to the prize inside.  For others, there’s the joy of the unboxing – peeling away the layers of user guides, accessories, crappy case and multiple strata of molded cardboard, enjoying the journey to whatever it is that has maxed out their credit card.  Last week we showed you Cingular’s incarnation of the BlackBerry Pearl; today we bring some unboxing photos, courtesy of the forums.  Enjoy!

Cingular Pearl unboxing


Cingular’s Pearl 8100c in the wild

So it’s not a photo of the Pope kicking a squirrel, but it is one of the first in-the-wild shots I’ve seen of Cingular’s version of the Blackberry Pearl 8100c.  As you can see, the Pearl has gained a shiny silver, carrier-branded chin and some slightly altered key-labelling.  Other than that, it’s the same Pearl you know and maybe love.

Live Shot: Cingular Blackberry Pearl 8100c! [RIM Blackberry Forums; thanks to Gina-Lisa for the tip!]

SlashPhone review: Treo 680 put through its paces

Over at our sister site, SlashPhone, there’s a review of the Treo 680 – Cingular’s $199 entry level Palm smartphone that you saw unboxed earlier on this week.  Did we like it?  Did we pine for the higher spec 750v?  You’ll just have to read the review to find out…

SlashPhone reviews the Treo 680 [SlashPhone]

TeleNav GPS arrives on the E62

One of the more annoying features of the Garmin sat-nav unit I use is its unwillingness to put up with my human foibles.  Spelling mistakes, mis-pressed letters, all are held against me, and the Nuvi’s main method of punishment is saying something along the lines of “that location doesn’t exist, you moron.”  Thankfully the TeleNav software, which Cingular has today announced for the Nokia E62 smartphone, has so-called “Fuzzy Search”, seemingly detecting and filling in addresses according to current or commonly-used locations, as well as automatically correcting for mistakes in spelling or name-structure.  Check out further details after the cut.


Hands-On with Samsung’s BlackJack smartphone

Our cellphone-obsessed sister site,, has scored an exclusive hands-on session with the delicious Samsung BlackJack, only available on the Cingular network.  There’s a sneak preview of some of the photos here; for the rest, plus Vincent’s first-impressions, you’ll just have to click over there yourself!


Cingular 8525 and TeleNav GPS

If you’re looking for another reason to buy the Cingular 8525 announced today, the carrier is hoping you’ll go for their TeleNav GPS service, which debuts simultaneously with the 8525.  Using a Bluetooth GPS receiver and the subscription-based TeleNav service, your 8525 gives you precise instructions using up-to-date maps from the Cingular database.

Currently the Cingular TeleNav service costs $9.99 a month for unlimited routes or $5.99 for 10 routes.

Press Release [Cingular]

Cingular Rebate Details Leaked

It’s a funny old day for Cingular – they get to ride the crest of the publicity wave with two announcements, one intentional and one not.  The former is of course the official launch of the 8525 smartphone, while the latter concerns this leaked rebate form detailing just what deals will be available in the run-up to the new year.

As you can see, not only will the Treo 680 be on-sale before 2006 is out, so will the Treo 750 which runs Windows Mobile 5.0 instead of the Palm OS.  The Samsung i320, here named Blackjack, will also be a potential addition to your Christmas stocking.

Full-sized image on Flickr [via CrunchGear]

Cingular 8525 Launched

Like water-jigging silk-shirt-wearing Dance-Lord Michael Flatley, the Cingular 8525 finally breaks cover and sashays into the marketplace.  With the grace that only a fairly chubby Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone with slide-out keyboard and 3G HSDPA wireless data connectivity can possess, it twirls and preens, offering itself to our greedy eyes for a mere $399 and the promise of a two year contract.


Cingular SYNC hands-on… but with a DRM twist to the tale?

Yep, that’s a hand, and in it is a Cingular SYNC, so I guess this must be a hands-on, mustn’t it.  The glad-rag wearing gadabouts over at Engadget Mobile have managed to persuade some poor Cingular rep to let them stroke, fondle and generally interfere with the Samsung-made handset, which currently leads the pack of the carrier’s Mobile Music service.  Check out the further photo after the cut, as well as a possible problem.


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