Real Apple fans have iPhone wedding cakes

Real Apple fans have iPhone wedding cakes

If I told you that we found this picture courtesy of Gizmodo, you'd probably look at it and call me a liar right to my face.  I'm okay with that.  What I'm not okay with, however, is this beautiful iPhone cake and its wasted potential.  Look at those apps - the thing isn't even jailbroken!  I suppose it's fitting though; a locked down phone for a newly-locked-down man.

The cake took 18 hours to make and was a gift to Bobby Casey from his new bride.  Sure, it says Cingular on it, but that doesn't take away from its awesomeness one bit.  It's almost too beautiful to eat, but unfortunately, the cake was eaten.  At least they took pictures.

Bottom line: whoever made this thing has serious talent.  In fact, I wonder if she'd make us a Palm Pre cake for launch...  If you're out there, get in touch!

AT&T Wireless CEO getting out while the getting is good

So far we’ve bagged the Sprint Nextel CEO and the AT&T CEO this year. Next up is Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile, we just have to find a way to get it done before the end of the year.

Is being replaced by Ralph de la Vega, but he is staying around till the end of the year to make sure the transition is smooth. And to make sure this de la Vega guy doesn’t get any crazy ideas like renegotiation with Apple or letting the iPhone hackers play their games, no, can’t have any of that nonsense.


Rush Electronic RK186-1 is a dollar short and a day late

Alright, maybe they are more than a day late since its been a while since AT&T announced it was buying Cingular. Yet here it is, in front of your very own eyes, a flash-based MP3 player that looks a lot like the second gen Nanos but with a Cingular logo interface.

How crappy of a product do you have to have in order for the amount of storage space to not be listed? You even have to order a minimum of a thousand of them to buy them. They do have a 1.8” LCD, support for MP3, WMA, AVI, JPEG, LRC, and TXT formats.


AT&T posts FAQ for the Apple iPhone

Do you have some looming questions about the Apple iPhone, and your AT&T Wireless account? Perhaps you’ve tried asking the sales reps at your local AT&T store, but you haven’t gotten all the answers you’ve been looking for. Well, they have been kind enough to post a FAQ on their website.

Most of the information is not new, but it does answer a lot of questions that potential customers are going to have. If you didn’t know already, AT&T can ask for as much as $800 for a deposit when activating new service. If you are worried about that, you won’t have to wait until you get home and activate it, they can do a credit check right there in the store before they send you on your way. Otherwise, everything will be done from your home PC.


iPhone will be locked down to a single SIM card, AT&T to charge 10% restocking fee

If you’re up in the air about purchasing an iPhone, you might want to wait before you buy one on a whim. I’m thinking that the iPhone will be great, however, it is not without its faults, so you might want to wait a bit and talk to someone that has been using it and see what they think. Why the caution? Because AT&T has changed their return policy just for the iPhone.

Usually with AT&T you have 30 days to check out a phone and see what you think. If you return it within that time, no harm no foul. However, you will be limited to 14 days with the phone and you will be charged a 10% restocking fee. If you thought buying the iPhone was expensive, just wait until you try to return it!


AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8300 unboxing

These pre-release announcements may very well give us something to ponder upon prior to a device’s release, but it does take some of the excitement out of the launch day itself.  Over at the Pinstack forums they’re nonetheless summoning up some glee at the unboxing of AT&T’s BlackBerry Curve 8300, the latest handset from the push-email pioneers.



iPhone to be released at 2,000 stores in June

If there is an Apple store or AT&T store, you can almost bet that they will be carrying the iPhone when it launches in June.

According to Apple, they will have iPhones stocked at 2,000 retail stores at launch. Since there are only around 160 Apple stores and roughly 2,000 AT&T stores, almost every store will be stocked.


No BlackJack Update Until Q3?

While not set in stone, rumor on the street is the BlackJack won’t be getting a Windows Mobile 6 update until 3rd quarter. An industry source states the BlackJack won’t see an update until sometime “after June.”

T-Mobile’s Dash received their update last week though no information on an update for AT&T users has been released yet.

What can AT&T users do in the meantime to get their ROM updating fix on? There’s a minor update available directly from Samsung that will improve roaming capabilities.

Samung BlackJack Getting Windows Mobile 6 Update After June? [via gizmodo]

Cingular’s BlackBerry 8800 unboxed, on sale now

If fingers could talk, then a) we’d be living in some hideous Cronenberg world with misplaced mouths and unending horror round every corner, and b) The Boy Genius’ digits would have a book deal by now.  As it is, they have to tell their story via exclusive photos and articles, such as this unboxing of Cingular’s BlackBerry 8800.



BlackBerry 8800 gets pawed

That cellphone-obsessed intelligentsia, The Boy Genius, has a whole flurry of BlackBerry 8800 information on his site.  Now the hotly-anticipated phone isn’t released until February 20th on Cingular, but he wouldn’t be known as a Genius if he couldn’t get his mitts on one earlier than that. 


So far it’s not so much a review as a cavalcade of photos – all-round shots of the casing, then screenshots and a run-through of the new mobile browser and RSS reader.  The news is, though, that it runs a whole lot faster than any previous BlackBerry, with better sounding audio and a keyboard easily the equal of that on the 8700.


Free service with purchase of iPhone?

Free service with purchase of iPhone?

Would you pay $499 or $599 for an iPhone if you got 18 months of service for free? That's the question Cingular/ATT seems to be pondering. Apple is putting pressure on Cingular/ATT not to discount the much-anticipated device, and the wireless giant is looking toward alternative strategies to do just that. This certainly would be a bold move by the newly-acquired provider Will this be a preview of things to come from the Cingular/ATT merger? Only time will tell.

This latest rumor comes from CNBC's Jim Cramer. He belives that Cingular/ATT is trying to sway users of Verizon Wireless to make the switch by offering them free long-term contracts when they purchase one of the year's hottest phones. Let's just keep hoping that this type of competition pays off for the average consumer.

Buy the Apple iPhone and get 18-months service free [via: MYiPhone]

SlashGear Exclusive: Helio replies to Cingular’s MySpace Announcement

Earlier today I wrote about Cingular’s launch of their own MySpace integration app which, for $2.99 a month on top of your regular bill, lets you browse, search, upload pics and read/respond to messages on the popular social networking site.  At the same time, I got in touch with Helio to get their response to the news; remember, MySpace themselves were claiming Cingular would be “more expansive” than Helio’s service.

Justin Ried, Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications at Helio, told me: 

“In a short 7-months since launch, Helio has consistently been a step ahead of other carriers, launching custom services first like MySpace Mobile, GPS-enabled Google Maps for mobile and gifting & begging. And we’re continuing to build on our position of innovative leader in the wireless space – all so our members can stay in touch with their friends better, easier and in unique ways”

Helio Drift - Google MapsHe goes on to explain how Helio’s new MySpace application, available to download within the next sixty days, will boast features like enhanced camera integration for real-time sharing of photos on your profile, click-free access to alerts, friend requests, event invites and messages from the cellphone’s idle screen, improved functionality for editing your profile from your Helio including changing headlines, relationship status and images, all using a completely rebuilt cellphone UI with custom styles, improved graphics and animations.

Will this be enough to maintain Helio’s growing popularity?  It’s a cliché and a cop-out to say something like “only time will tell”, so I won’t.  Instead, how about some facts and a couple of presumptions: the Helio Drift, especially in its limited-edition Frost White form, is a sexy, competent handset that succeeds for the greater part due to Helio’s integration of services and hardware.  The route Cingular is taking – adding MySpace into its broad range of cellphones – means that the experience is only as good as the least capable handset; if I were Helio I’d be concentrating hard on picking the very best-of-breed to really showcase the services on offer. 

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