CES 2008

CES 2008: Slacker Portable

So last night I was at this show, and the guys from Slacker were there both showing off their software, and there hardware. I am a big fan of Pandora, and their product looked very similar, so, once I get back to somewhere where I have a high speed internet connection I think I am going to switch over. But their hardware products are amazing.


CES 2008: Rocketfish Wireless Rear Speaker Kit

When you want surround sound without the unsightly wires you can think about Rocketfish. It works with most manufacturer’s home theater systems and receivers and will deliver a clear, crisp sound to give you surround sound without distracting from your style.

It’s very easy to use: you just connect the sender and the speakers, plug it in and turn it on. It has a range of up to 100ft and has the flexibility of being mounted vertically/horizontally on a stand on the wall.


CES 2008: XStreamHD Satellite 1080p media system

You might want to dismiss XStreamHD as “just another content provider” but the new satellite TV provider that specialises in HD content is doing its level best to make that, if not impossible, then at the very least ill-advised if you’re at all interested in home entertainment.  Offering full 1080p HDTV and 7.1 channels of DTS-HD Master Audio, the system uses a central server (pictured after the cut) that can distribute movies, games, music, broadcast TV and internet content simultaneously to different receivers (pictured here) around the home; in fact, it can stream up to four different HD-quality videos simultaneously.


CES 2008: Canary Wireless HS20 WiFi detector

Though tempted, I’m yet to pick up a WiFi detector; tales of disappointment where promise-everything gadgets turn out to only be good at locating microwaves, cordless phones or – worst of all – secured networks have put me off.  Canary Wireless have another to try to persuade me, though; their HS20 uses a true 802.11 chip, meaning it won’t be confused by WiFi-alike signals, it has a screen to show security status, and it’ll be cheap at just $59.95.



CES 2008 : Another Breakthrough from Pretec, 48GB CompactFlash with Ultra DMA Mode

Once again, Pretec raises the performance and capacity bar on latest line of CompactFlash card. The Taiwanese has announced another breakthrough in Flash industry, the new line of CF333 ranged from 16GB, 24Gb to a whopping 48GB with an ultra fast 233x-333x speed of Read/Write up to 50Mb/40MB per second. The largest storage of 48GB is rated at lower speed of 233x but still capable to produce read speed of 35mb/s. The Trio supports ultra DMA mode 0-6 and are built with best reliable solution in mind. Pretec claimed a 10 times better in durability compare to a typical CompactFlash using its metal housing and ruggedized construction for protection.

[via press release]

CES 2008 : The World’s First Class-6 32GB SDHC Storage in Development

While the fast action digital photographers are dragging their feet in between SD or CF choice of storage, Panasonic announced a new development of a high capacity SD card with industry first 32GB class 6. A protocol type is showing at CES 2008 with speed rate of read/write up to 6/ 20MB per second. Fellow readers, do not laughs its comparison to HD vs BR, it’s not even funny for those with thousands of dollar investment in CF storage. As of now, there are cameras offer both formats for storage in more advanced models but the manufacturer may drop one of them in the future to minimize manufacturing cost. But still image is not what Panasonic has in mind; the compact yet high speed SDHC would be beneficial for the growing industry of ultra compact High Definition SD Camcorders.

Press Release [via panasonic]

CES 2008: Etymotic Research etyBLU Bluetooth headset

Yet again, last night at Showstoppers, the Ety people had one more new product that I am equally interested in. It’s a new Bluetooth headset that has the same noise blocking technology as their headphones, but in a Bluetooth one-ear design.


CES 2008: Sony A200 DSLR prompts prosumer A300 rumors

The camera geeks are restless.  While Sony’s new A200 digital-SLR is all well and good, they’re suspicious at the broad price difference between it – at around $700 – and the next model up, the prosumer A700, which is tagged at $1,500; current thinking is that a mid-range model, intended to compete with Nikon’s D80 and other rivals at the $100 price-point.  Key among their evidence for the existence of what’s been named the A300 is the following image, which appears to show a rear-panel strikingly similar to that of the A200 (shown after the cut) but with a foldout screen.



CES 2008: Etymotic Reasearch hf2’s sound simply amazing

So last night at Showstoppers I had the time to stop by the Etymotic Research booth and check out their latest products. The first products they showed me were these hf2’s which stands for High Fidelity Hands Free.


CES 2008: Monster iCarPlay 250 iPod FM transmitter

Some big boasts from Monster at CES 2008, who are calling their iCarPlay 250 the “world’s most advanced” iPod FM transmitter.  Featuring a low-profile control unit with blue LCD display, three channel preset buttons and autoscan, the iCarPlay 250 trawls the FM spectrum not once but three times before selecting the clearest frequency; it can also adjust the power output on individual frequencies which will apparently ensure maximum clarity and strength.



CES 2008: Clarion MiND ‘Mobile Internet Navigation Device’

Clarion’s high-end in-car entertainment systems have been edging onto ultraportable PC territory for a while now, and they’ve finally made the jump into bed with Intel and launched a Mobile Internet Device (MID) at CES 2008.  The Clarion MiND (Mobile Internet Navigation Device) is an ideal example of the chip manufacturer’s digital companion vision: based around a 5.2-inch WVGA 800 x 480 touchscreen and the Intel Menlow platform (comprising the Silverthorne processor and Poulsbo chipset), the device has 4GB of flash memory, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, provision for a 3G data module and/or WiMAX, GPS and a digital camera.


CES 2008: AnyPlay Portable DVR

Panasonic and Comcast debuted their first portable DVR player yesterday. It’s powered by tru2way technology and they call it Anyplay. Comcast put it’s digital video recording into a Panasonic P-DVR platform to create the AnyPlay.

It features 60GB of digital recording capacity, an 8.5 folding LCD screen and stereo speakers. It also comes with a dual audio headphone jack and when placed in a companion dock that functions as a standard DVR, the AnyPlay P-DVR will allow you to watch and record TV programs from your TV. Of course, unlike a traditional set-top box, you can take it with you anywhere.


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