CES 2008

CES 2008: IPEVO SOLO desktop Skype phone now with WiFi

IPEVO have announced an upgrade to their SOLO desktop phone for the Skype VoIP service that adds WiFi connectivity to the attractive device.  Revealed as part of the company’s updated range at CES 2008 – which also included compact wired handsets, a desktop speakerphone and a webcam designed for VoIP use – the SOLO now can be used away from a wired network connection, in any location as long as it is near power and within range of your wireless network.



CES 2008: Ergotron Display Mounts

Ergotron, a company that makes display mounts, unveiled four new products at CES this week: the Neo-Flex All-In-One stand, Neo-Flex Combo Lift stand, Neo-Flex Widescreen Lift stand, Neo-Flex Dual Display Lift stand. These must be really good because Ergotron won three Honorees.

The All-In-One stand bundles any size CPU, notebook, gaming console or flat panel monitor into one extremely small and portable footprint. It has a built-in storage area that stores a standard keyboard and mouse and the sturdy low-profile rear handle adds portability. You can quickly deploy or lock up a complete computer system with this stand.


CES 2008 : Casio Reveals Full Specification of World’s Fastest Digital Camera, the EXILIM Pro EX-F1

Casio teased us with a prototype of World’s fastest camera back in September; they have the full specification just in time for CES 2008. The EXILIM Pro EX-F1 6 megapixel uses a high-speed CMOS sensor and it is capable of 60 frames per second capturing speed at its largest resolution up to a whooping 1,200 frames per second at 336 x 96. Optical path uses a 12x optical zoom with 35mm equivalent of 36 to 432mm in aperture of F2.7 to F4.6. The EXILIM Pro also has a sensor-shift image stabilization aka built-in body stabilization to help with users that failed the marksmen test.


CES 2008 : The Slimmest 10 megapixel EXILIM from Casio

Benq DSC-X835 claimed the world’s slimmest 8 mega pixel digital compact camera and now it is Casio turn. Casio EXILIM Card EX-S10 doesn’t has the thickness of 12.5mm like Benq did but they bumps the resolution up to 10 mega pixel, packed in an ultra compact EXILIM series with the size of 3.7 x 2.1 x 0.6 in, that is about 15mm in thickness. So there you go, world’s slimmest 10 megapixel digital camera.


CES 2008: APC AV’s C2 power filter discretely protects your flatscreen

It’s ironic that people are willing to spend so much money on high-end LCD and plasma TVs but then blanch at buying power regulating equipment that could save their screen in the event of a lightning storm or power surge.  APC AV are certainly taking the “but it looks ugly” argument out of the equation with their C2 Power Filter; while it might resemble little more than a black shoe-box, the fact that it’s merely two-inches deep means it can be sited behind a wall-mounted display.



CES 2008: Delphi’s universal Hub for straightforward in-car customisation

This may look like an ugly USB hub, but it’s actually much more than that – it’s Delphi’s hat-tip to the fact that computing has flourished by having industry-standards in connectivity for the past few years, that users might want to come and plug PMPs, memory sticks and more into their car’s ICE system, and that manufacturers may think about giving them the USB, audio and video socketry to do that.



CES 2008: FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Driving at night is hard on a lot of people, my mother included, so I appreciate the thinking behind FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras. Thermal imaging makes pictures from heat and since everything gives off heat, it only seems to make sense to give yourself a better view during the night. Night vision technology is here for the everyday person, not just the military. FLIR had four different cameras on display, each with it’s on special purpose.


CES 2008: Everex Cloudbook UMPC and Gbook Laptop

Today I got to meet with some people from Everex. They showed me their two newest products: the Everex Cloudbook and the Everex Gbook.

The Cloudbook – initially known as the CE260 when first announced last June – is a UMPC and it measures 9” in length and weighs only 2 pounds. It has a 1.2GHz VIA C7-M, ultra low voltage, CPU and it has 5 hours of battery life on a 4 cell lithium-ion battery. It also features 30GB of internal storage, DVI-I, 4in1 card reader and 1.3MP Webcam, and is based on VIA’s own NanoBook UMPC reference design (another version of which Packard Bell currently sell in the UK). The Cloudbook will be available January 25th at Wal-Mart and will retail for $399.


CES 2008: Green Plug UPP

Green Plug was the first developers of digital technology that enable real-time collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources. Today I got to experience their newest electronic component chip: the Green Plug Universal Power protocol (UPP). It’s for consumer electronics, residential and commercial builders, automotive, aircraft, and power tool manufacturers.

The Green Plug UPP, once connected with the DC Power hub, can simultaneously power multiple devices, each with their own specific voltage and power requirements. The technology within these devices will minimize solid waste by allowing you to keep your chargers for future use once the device becomes obsolete.


CES 2008: Sony A300 rumor-saga continues with full camera photos

After the speculation on Sony’s possible prepping of a prosumer digital-SLR at around the $1k price-point, tentatively predicted to be the A300, these photos of the full camera have been dug up from the Xitek forum.  There are no other details – and the camera isn’t labelled with a model number, although it’s definitely part of Sony’s Alpha range – but it definitely looks to be a derivative of the A200’s design.



CES 2008: SanDisk 12GB microSDHC memory card out for testing

Less than three months after Vincent tested out SanDisk’s 8GB microSDHC memory card, the company has begun sending out 12GB versions to cellphone manufacturers to allow them to test their handsets with the newly massive chip.



CES 2008: HP MediaSmart Receiver for wirelessly networking HDTVs

HP continued its home entertainment and connectivity rollout at CES 2008 with the launch of the MediaSmart Receiver, a compact set-top box that connects to an HDTV via HDMI and instantly links it to the home network.  Compatible with systems running XP and Vista, as well as HP’s own Home Server, it also gives access to Microsoft’s Online Media download service.



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