CES 2008

CES 2008: Memorex Designer DVD Players

If you’re looking to add a little flare to your DVD viewing, Memorex has new designer set-top and portable DVD players. They come in a “variety” of colors that consist of only metallic pink or black.


CES2008 : LG 1080p SXRD Projector Hidden in the Dark

Ewdison reported a surprising find at CES 2008, a SXRD 1080p projector from LG? It’s huge and too dark to tell but it’s a SXRD alright except it’s not coming from Sony but LG. Apparently LG quietly joins the club of SXRD projector unannounced, alone and hidden in a dark showroom. Poor thing needs to get noticed! The AF115 uses industry best Silicon Optic HQV image processor with specs of 1300 lumens and dynamic CR of 30,000 : 1. Without the price and availability in hand, it’s hard to compare to the newest $15k Sony VW200 SXRD but get these, it’s has an extremely low fan noise of 18db and comes with ISF certified.

CES 2008: Ricoh Printers

Ricoh showed off a new printer to me this week from it’s new Aficio SP C222DN series. It’s a color laser printer and I while I’ve never used a Ricoh printer, I do use a Ricoh copier and it’s amazing and it gives a perfectly clear image everytime. I, personally, have never had any trouble with Ricoh products.


CES 2008: Winplus YD-V1 Yada Hands Free

The YD-V1 was release last October by Winplus and is the first hands-free mobile device for your vehicle from them. It’s lightweight and comes with an all-in-one universal handset holder with Bluetooth, a car charger and a dashboard/air vent mounter.


CES 2008 : Samsung new NV4 Digital Camera with PMP technology

Samsung announced 2nd generation of NV series with portable multimedia player (PMP) technology. NV4 is an upgrade from last year 7.2mp NV3 digicam. The new hybrid digicam is like the popular camera phone with all-in-one multimedia for music, video and still image capture and playback. They aren’t any different if you knock the phone feature off. The camera uses a more compact internal zoom and a 2.5 inch LCD display to replace the optical viewfinder entirely. Compare to NV3, the new PMP bumps the resolution up to 8 megapixels and added an improved version of digital Image Stabilization with $100 cheaper.


CES 2008: Archos TV+ WiFi DVR

I know I’ve already covered this product, but I have new news, first of all I have more pics, and I have a better idea of how big it is. Most importantly, they had the interface in demo mode, so I have a video of that so you can get an idea of what it looks like in action.


CES 2008: Koss Headphones

Breaking away from earbuds, Koss also released 4 sets of headphones. If you’re into metal detecting, gaming or creating your own unique gadgets you might be interested in one these.

The Race Tracker features the Koss Quiet Zone technology (an extra-durable stereophone that has passive noise reduction). It’s designed for items like racing radios and metal detectors and comes with a behind the head band. It has both a 3.5mm and 6.3mm adaptor plug and will connect to most radios and scanners. It’ll cost around $70.


CES 2008: Koss Earbuds

Koss went for the big haul this week and unveiled eleven new products at CES, five of which were earbuds. If you’re in the market for some new ones, you may want to consider one these.

The KEB20 and KEB24 are available in metallic colors to match a number of Mp3 players. They have a compact design and a frequency response of 15-20,000Hz. The KEB24 has a soft, flexible strain relief for more comfort and both models come in three different sizes (small, medium, large) to help you find a good fit. They’ll cost around $20-$25 respectively.


CES 2008 : New Casio EXILIM Zoom Gets Wider Angle

Casio brings wider angle for landscape and structure fans at CES 2008 with the addition of new EXILIM zoom duo Ex-Z200 and Ex-Z100. The announcement doesn’t strike us like their big brother, 12 mp EX-Z1200 announced back in May 2007. It uses a mere 10.1 mp CCD sensor with new feature of zoom series first to use 4x optical zoom 28 – 112mm, 35mm equivalent zoom lenses at F2.6 to F5.8. Movie mode is supported from 320×240 up to 848×480 in additional to a YouTube capture mode.


CES 2008: USB 3.0 ‘SuperSpeed’ connectors revealed

On show for the first time, the next-generation of ‘SuperSpeed’ USB 3.0 cabling has been revealed at CES 2008.  The new standard, which will boost data transfer speeds to HDTV-happy 4.7Gb/s (compared to the 480Mb/s of USB 2.0), is expected to be finalised by June this year, and will be backward-compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0.


Images via Reg Hardware


CES 2008: CTA Digital unveil Wiimote shotgun, Magnum & machinegun accessories

For those gamers who can’t achieve sufficient arousal from just imagining their Wiimote is a bloody great shotgun, CTA Digital has been flaunting their broad range of Nintendo accessories that can change the humble controller into a Magnum, a submachinegun and, yes, a pump-action shotgun.



CES 2008: Samsung Series 4 & Series 5 3D-ready entry-level Plasma TVs

Samsung’s new entry-level plasma TVs, rather unimaginatively-named ‘Series 4’ and ‘Series 5’, may not be thirteen microns thick and 800-inches wide like some uber-displays we’ve seen at CES 2008, but they do boast the ability to display 3D video that previously you would only have found on a DLP HDTV.



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