CES 2007

Energizer Energi To Go Instant Cell Phone Charger

The lightweight and portable Energizer Energi To Go is a nifty device that charges your cell phone from easy-to-find AA batteries. It is compatible with most cell phones on the market and has interchangeable tips to accommodate different cell phone models.

Calls can be placed within just 30 seconds of activating the Energizer Energi To Go. So now there’s no excuse to blame missed calls on a dead cell phone. Priced around $20, the reusable charger comes with the phone tip connector and two Energizer AA batteries.

Belkin Easy Transfer Cable

Transferring bulks of files from one computer to another can be painstaking, especially if you have to burn the files onto a CD or save them onto a thumb drive. Thus, Belkin offers a solution with their Easy Transfer Cable, which can eliminate the need to setup a network and provide an easy mobile solution for copying files to and from your notebook, home PC, and work PC.

The Easy Transfer Cable can transfer files between two PCs at speeds up to 480Mbps, transferring 30GB of data in one hour. The product will be available late this month for $39.99.

Belkin Cooling Stand

Keep your laptop cool with Belkin’s new USB-powered ‘Cooling Stand’. The product name isn’t very creative, but the form takes on a unique wave design that creates a channel right below the laptop to faciliate air flow. Apparently, the wave design is so unique the company claims its patented.

Overall, the Cooling Stand has low power consumption, uses natural convection to enhance cooling, and is compact enough to easily fit into a laptop bag. The stand will be available in late February for $29.99.

Harmon Kardon Launches Guide+Play for your car

Harmon Kardon recently announced their Guide+Play fully integrated navigation and multimedia automotive solution. This compact navigation device strives to differentiate itself not only by Harmon Kardon’s signature quality audio but also by offering consumers the capability to enable multimedia functions while still allowing navigation to do its job. By using a unique layering interface, there is no frustration in going back and forth between the navigation menu and the music menu.

The Guide+Play is incredibly slim and portable at 19.6mm thin and includes pivoting mount, integrated navigation and multimedia applications, a 4” widescreen display, and a battery life of around 5 hours. It is currently retailing for around $500.

Akimbo Video-on-Demand for AT&T Homezone Users

Akimbo makes your TV and your internet become best buddies. Get videos on demand direct to your TV downloaded via your broadband internet connection. So as if the hundreds of channels you already have are not enough, the company views their service as giving consumers even more choices.

The service has been providing thousands of movie titles to Microsoft Media Center users and now they’ve just announced their partnership with AT&T to provide thousands of VOD titles to AT&T Homezone subscribers. So, hooray for you AT&T Homezone users, now you get to select from all the popular titles as well as the niche and hard to find stuff and watch it whenever you want. The service starts this month.

Jabra BT8010 Stereo/Mono Bluetooth Headset

We’re quite accustomed now to seeing people wearing Bluetooth headsets on one ear and looking like they’re ridiculously talking to themselves. But soon we may be seeing people walking around with one Bluetooth headset in each ear. And that wont be for talking on two cell phones simultaneously, but rather, for listening to music. At least, that’s what Jabra is offering with their BT8010 model.

Considering that many cell phones now can play mp3s, Jabra believes its more convenient for folks to have the option of putting in one earpiece for taking calls and then putting in a second earpiece for listening to music in stereo. The BT8010 is scheduled for release in the beginning of this year and will be available at all Verizon Wireless retail stores and online store for around $149.


JBL Reference 610 Bluetooth Headphones

The Reference Series of headphones from JBL provides excellent sound quality, comfort, and style, designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Although all rather spiffy looking, the most deserving of our attention is the wireless R610 Bluetooth model.

The Reference 610 features integrated controls on the earpiece to adjust volume, select tracks, and play/pause your music. It’s equipped with rechargeable batteries and a universal battery charger. And should you need to be connected, it also comes with a 1.75m cable. Pricing for the Reference series ranges from $79.95 to $299.95. Shown after the break are the folded up 510 model and the 410 model.


Logitech X-240 Speakers

Logitech launched their X-240 speakers earlier this month aimed to turn your PC into a powerful digital music center. The system features a control center that includes a cradle for holding your Mp3 player or other mobile device while you charge, sync, or play music.
The X-240’s key features include dynamic real-time bass equalization, high-excursion satellite drivers, master volume and power controls on the control center, and headphone jack. It is expected to ship in March 2007. Priced at $49.99.

Joby’s New Zivio Bluetooth Headset

Aimed at being a company of innovation, Joby has brought us the unique Gorillapod and is now announcing a line of Bluetooth headsets scheduled for release in Q2 of 2007. This ultra lightweight and stylish headset features a unique adjustable earpiece that attaches via magnet and also a retractable microphone.

The unit has 10 hours of talk time or 12.5 days standby time and can be recharged via USB. Unfortunately all the pictures we took of the prototype at CES turned out blurry–if only we had a Gorillapod at the time. So we’ve borrowed the lovely image above from Gizmodo.

Samsung’s Latest Digital Cameras

While at CES this past week, we also dropped by Pepcom’s Digital Experience event where besides good food and fully costumed pirates walking around, we saw a bunch of the latest gadgets. We came across Samsung’s new digital cameras, the S630 and the S730 as well as their NV series of digital cameras that feature an innovative navigation control system and gun-inspired styling.

Although the S630 and S730 were just announced at CES, it was the NV7OPS that really caught our attention. The NV7OPS is a slim-bodied 7.2 megapixel digital camera featuring 7x optical zoom, Optical Picture Stabilization, 2.5-inch LCD, MPEG4 VGA(640×480) 30fps video capability, and a unique ‘Smart Touch’ navigation interface (shown below).

Accufat Shows You How Thick Your Fat Is!

I’m not very weight conscious of a person, but i do try to stay in shape. However eating a lot of “good and tasty” food does make my belly flip flap a little. Accufat, a subcutaneous fat analyzer is a device that will give you pretty scary details on how much fat your body have.

It stored those analysis information into its built in storage and allows you to transfer the data to your computer. One of our editor (from SlashGear Japan) have a test drive of it in CES 2007 and finds it pretty simple to operate. The Accufat will cost $1500.

[via SlashGear Japan]

iFrogz got you covered

Some months ago, we saw the cute iFrogz Tadpole series of cases to insure good times with your toddler and your iPod. This time at the CES 2007 ShowStoppers event we dropped by their booth to take a closer look and boy have they got a lot of variety. Their original silicone cases come in almost every color imaginable with many different themes and texturing. The textured silicone not only protects but also has a very unique tactile quality.

But don’t think that iFrogz are just for kids. They have got some nice leather cases as well as a collection of exotic faux fur wallet-style cases. Visit their site for more details.

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