Archos e-comp@gnon WiFi Communicator – someone got Champagne and Companion mixed up

The press release is in French, so I suppose I could give them a break on the spelling. The deal is they are trying to create a companion to a regular cell phone. It would offer up a lot of the web capabilities of a normal cell phone, but on a larger screen, over WiFi, and with a full keyboard.


Cradlepoint WiPipe PHS300 Personal Hotspot – make your own WiFi hotspot

Ever been in the middle of nowhere wishing you and your friends could share a single cellular-based internet connection across multiple devices? Yeah me neither, but if such an issue were to ever come up, this little gadget will allow you to do it.


LG Vu signs arrive at ATT stores

The LG Vu isn’t all that exciting of a device on its own, but Qualcomm’s MediFLO mobile TV service that works with the device is quite impressive. There have been several, horrible attempts at mobile TV, but I think this one might work.


Cell-Phone Sommeliers – we need these in the US too!

In Japan, the government has finally embraced a private-sector initiative to have Mobile Gurus guide you to the best handset, carrier all that stuff for you. No more guessing, or hoping that the guy at the local store isn’t just guiding you to what will net him the most profit, they are actually looking to get you what’s best for you.

Furthermore, once you have your handset and cellular plan, they are more than capable of helping you figure out how to do whatever it is you are trying to do, what accessories work with your phone, all that stuff. They aren’t just some tech-savvy yahoos off the street either, they are professionals who have to take and pass exams in order to maintain their position.


Cellular disruption in Afghanistan brought to you by the Taliban

The terrorists are at it again threatening to manually (a.k.a. things that go boom in the night) disrupt cellular service if all 4 cellular providers in Afghanistan don’t start shutting down their networks at night. Their reasoning? They believe that occupying forces are using the networks to track members of the Taliban.

Chances are they are right; it’s quite easy to track people by their cell phones thanks to the large numbers of towers that are required for even remotely decent coverage triangulation is quite easy. Cell phones not only transmit to these towers when they are in use, but all the time, for some phones, even when they are turned off.


Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor can bring you that much closer to being 007

SIM card readers aren’t that new, however, SIM card readers that can also get the deleted data off of the SIM are. Basically you’ll be able to read deleted texts, numbers, contacts, all sorts of stuff as long as it hasn’t been written over by a new file.


Modu is the Smallest and Lightest cell phone

A modular phone system created by Modu Mobile has officially booked by the Guinness World Records as the world’s lightest phone; it weights a mere 40.1g and measures 72mm x 37mm x 7.8mm in size. The company says not to discount the physical of the modu. It does what a sophisticated cell phone does these days including speaker, Bluetooth, MPS3, 1GB of storage and send and receive SMS.


Fujitsu F705i, the world’s slimmest waterproof phone

How often do you drop your phone in a bucket of water or swimming pool? Not many times I would hope, but Fujitsu thinks waterproof mobile phone market has potential. Fujitsu unveiled the F705i, the world’s slimmest waterproof 3G mobile phone.

Now, although its can hold up to the water element, the F705i will not hold up to drowning over 1m depth of water and longer than 30 minutes. The phone itself features Super Clear Voice and Super Clear Mike that would automatically adjust the volume of calls depending on noise level surrounding the phone user.

It weighs only 111g with dimensions of 106 x 49 x 13.7mm. As for battery life, it allows 170 minutes of talk time and 100 minutes of videophone. No information on pricing and availability at this moment.

[via akihabaranews]

Readius phone with 5-inch foldable screen is coming in mid 2008

Polymer Vision, a Dutch company unveiled the first mobile phone in the world that uses a foldout display. Readius, the name of this phone has large 5-inch display, which is plenty for viewing email, podcast, documents file, and Internet browsing on the go.


CES 2008: Vodafone ‘Stick’ 7.2Mbps HSUPA USB modem

Vodafone UK are beginning to offer a USB mobile broadband modem capable of accessing the network’s 7.2Mbps HSUPA connection, with both Mac and PC compatibility and upload rates of up to 1.44Mbps.



Cherry Picks 2008: zBoost zPersonal (YX300) and zBoost Car Unit (YX230)

The zBoost zPersonal, from Wi-Ex Inc., will repeat and amplify a cell phone signal outside a building to your cell phone inside to help give you that boost you may need to make your important calls. The good part is that it does so without breaking away from the cell carriers network.


Skypephone flying off of the shelves

British mobile phone provider 3, recently introduced a prepaid cellular phone powered by the popular Skype VoIP service. For a small minimum monthly payment of around £10, you can make unlimited Skype calls. Much to their surprise the phone has been selling out, and nearly impossible to find in most markets.


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