CEDIA 2007

CEDIA 2007 – Denon introduce networked media streamers

You’re nobody in the media world until you can stream songs from one corner of the house to another, and HiFi mainstay Denon have obviously had enough of the playground taunts.  At CEDIA 2007 today they’re launching two networked A/V products, one wired and one wireless, that not only will allow you to play music stored elsewhere on your home network but also from your iPod via an on-board dock.



CEDIA 2007 – Rotel introduce audiophile rackmount Poweramps & Surround Processor

While I’ve never been locked in a cupboard containing a load of HiFi gear, I can only imagine it’s similar to being locked in the tumble dryer cupboard when you’re little because your mom caught you stealing kibble from the cat’s dish.  By that I mean perilously hot, rather than shaming and likely to leave you with severe social dysfunction.  So any audio maestro worth their wage knows that it’s better to keep your components cool if you don’t want to either plumb in air-con or suffer hardware failure; step in Rotel’s latest range of nigh-on zero-heat poweramps, the RMB-1076 and RMB-1085, and RSP-1069 surround-sound processor, launched at CEDIA 2007.



CEDIA 2007 – Live from the show

Our own Vincent is a busy guy. Just yesterday he was at the big Apple show bringing us all of the latest updates about our favorite music players. Today he’s in Denver covering the CEDIA Expo 2007.


CEDIA 2007 – iPort upgrades in-wall docks to support iPhone media streaming

If distributed media is your thing – and let’s face it, if you’re saying it’s not your thing, you’re a dirty liar – and you’ve stumped up the pretty ponies for Apple’s iPhone, then you’ll likely be curious about iPort’s new in-wall docks.  Compatible with both the iPhone and iPod ranges, the system uses a standard Apple Universal Port and lets you control your PMP – and access audio and video stored on it – from anywhere in your networked home.



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