CEDIA 2007

CEDIA 2007 – Sonance Symphony Series home theater left, right, and center in-wall speaker

The Sonance S623LCR stands for Symphony, the series, 623, the model number, and then left/center/right as this one in-wall speaker can serve all three roles. Set it vertically for the best left or right sound and then horizontally for the best center channel sound.

The S623LCR uses the same drivers as the previous members of the symphony series, the S623T and the S623TR. The big difference comes in the layout as the new S623LCR’s have a dual woofer/single tweeter design.


CEDIA 2007 – Sonance Flair surface mounting loudspeaker

The Sonance Flair loudspeaker is great because it will add high quality audio to just about any location. With Sonance’s flexible mounting brackets all you should need is a screw driver, the mounting hardware and a little bit of time.

The mounts are round steel plats that connect to speaker wiring in J-boxes. The plate mounts with just a couple screws that come with the speaker. The speaker is held in place by the steel plate by way of some powerful neodymium magnets that are in the top of the speaker. The electrical connection is automatically made between male connecters on the speaker and female connectors in the steal plate.


CEDIA 2007 – Logitech Squeezebox wireless music streaming

So how many of you are familiar with Pandora the Music Genome Project? How about Rhapsody? Maybe some other internet radio station? Well imagine a single device that could stream from all of those sources plus your own computer’s library.

Such a device exists, and it’s made by Logitech. Technically it was first made by Slim Devices, but Logitech bought them and I guess they made some upgrades.


CEDIA 2007 – Terra Speakers CA Series

The CA series, much like their AC counterparts, are meant to stand up to all the elements. The only difference is that this time, the speaker company from Maine made them flush mountable.

There are 8 models in this line, ranging from 5.25” all the way up to 8 inches. There are dedicated woofers, speakers with dual voice coils to cover the highs, and Mid/Bass speakers.


CEDIA 2007 – Terra AC Series Speakers

The AC series of speakers are enclosed weather-proof speakers that are meant to be surface mounted to wherever you can stick them. The AC for all those who don’t know, stands for All Climate. The speakers are manufactured in one of the harshest climates in the US, Maine. So they can pretty much guarantee that they will work in any weather.

The speakers implement a Wide-Fi technology that allows one loudspeaker to output both channels of audio. Implementing multiple Wide-Fi speakers only increases the audio quality.


CEDIA 2007 – JVC launches flagship Procision A/V range

If Sony thought they were going to have things all their own way with the launch of their stonking Bravia projectors then they obviously hadn’t paid attention to fellow CEDIA 2007 attendee JVC.  The company’s new flagship Procision range is intended for custom installs and prosumer home cinema fanatics, and at its pinnacle are two D-ILA front projectors, the DLA-HD1 and DLA-HD100.



CEDIA 2007 – Vogel’s universal projector mounts

CEDIA isn’t all about TV screens the size of a small country; it’s an opportunity for accessory manufacturers to show off their wares and persuade you to upgrade your cabling, stands and cabinets.  Vogels were there in force this year, flaunting their latest speaker and projector stands together with a nifty universal-mount.



CEDIA 2007 – Sony HES-V1000 Home Entertainment Server, is amazing, like Grace

First, it has a half terabyte of HDD storage, then there is a 200 disc Blu-Ray/DVD/CD changer. It has full HD (1080p) output from the disc changer or hard drive.

The hard drive can store up to 137 hours of video, 40,000 songs, or 20,000 photos. This thing is also Sony’s first device not connected to a computer that’s Blu-Ray capable other than optical drives and a few VAIO notebooks.


CEDIA 2007 – Sony BRAVIA VPL-VW60 and VPL-VW200 projectors

Vincent stopped by the Sony booth where they were showing off plenty of new stuff. First up are a couple of home theater projectors for those that don’t like to be limited by the size of a TV screen.


CEDIA 2007 – Denon’s Blu-Ray player boasts highest resolution available

In a show of remarkable solidarity, Denon has released some Blu-Ray disc players at CEDIA 2007 today – astounding everyone who had forgotten that the format existed and were too busy distracting themselves by salivating on Apple Store windows.  The so-called “reference standard” DVD-3800BDCI (and what a snappy name that is) takes the award for being the “world’s first BD-ROM Profile 1 version 1.1 Blu-ray Disc Player from a Blu-Ray Disc Association member featuring the acclaimed 10-bit Silicon Optix Realta chipset.”


CEDIA 2007 – Denon S-Series of compact systems upgraded with WiFi streaming

If you like the look of Denon’s network media streamers but don’t have an existing HiFi setup to connect one to, then take a look at what else the company has announced at CEDIA 2007 today.  Added to the S-Series – Denon’s range of compact, all-in-one systems – the S-52 and S-32 have wireless connectivity to your home network to stream audio either from a computer, NAS or internet radio.  



CEDIA 2007 – Denon’s easy surround sound upgrade

A phrase I hate is “wife acceptance factor” (WAF) – the degree to which a gadget is permitted home space by virtue of its ease of use, attractiveness or general benefits – when really what we’re talking about is non-technophile acceptance factor.  Surround-sound setups are a good example of this; yes, the average SlashGear reader will put up with the wires and sprouting speakers because the audio is worth it, but others are less forgiving.  So Denon’s DHT-FS3 Active Surround Sound System is likely to win admirers among the gadget-savvy and otherwise, being a discrete black bar that sits under your TV and gives the impression of a full cavalcade of speakers.



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