cebit 2008

Asus R50 and R70 UMPC – amazing moves from Asus in the mobile space

The R50 is the really small black one and is almost pocketable in size. The R70 is the larger one with the orange/red surrounding bezel.


Asus ARES CG6150 Gaming Desktop – looks like a fragging good time

Its big, its black, and it lights up red and its made by ASUS. ASUS is a company known for making some of the best and most dependable components and with their reach covering motherboards, soundcards, cases, power supplies, and video cards, its no surprise they took the next logical steps and made their own desktop.


Asus Eee PC grows to 8.9-inches – hustling more real estate, on your screen

So apparently Asus has a press event tomorrow, where they’ll be showing off a new 8.9-inch Asus Eee model. Presumably it will also have Windows as an option based on some of the banners handing around.


Foxconn partnering with DTS – finally integrated audio will sound less awful

DTS is a fairly well respected company when it comes to making audio sound good, so hopefully their new partnership with on of the world’s largest motherboard manufacturers can make the current state of affairs better. The two technologies, DTS Connect, and DTS Surround Sensation, are both to be integrated into the motherboards.


Massive Software – showing off early SkyNet prototypes

Massive software is at CeBIT this year, now you might be wondering why we are writing about a software company, that would be because they have decided to start applying their talents to robots. In fact, their display has a robot showing off their new AI software that allows the robot to intelligently learn and change his reaction to the same stimuli if need be.

So basically, we need to start finding the real John Connor now, or we’re all screwed. The robot (or the software, or both) is called Zeno.


OpenScape UC by Siemens: High-Def video conferencing

Not content with announcing a new video conferencing system, Siemens have in fact unveiled a whole new protocol: called OpenScape Unified Communications Server, it integrates high-definition video, desktop video, voice and messaging into existing VoIP or PBX based systems, whether provided by Siemens or from another company.  At CeBIT 2008 today, they presented three products based on OpenScape UC: the OpenScape Video range comprising three HD camera-toting devices and a PC soft client.  Top of the range is the VHD 600, with an HD camera, CD-quality microphone and a codec that can bridge up to six parties on a single video conference call. 


Asus VX3 Lamborghini – 12.1-inch laptop that goes broooom

Asus is showing their latest Lamborghini line, the VX3 at Cebit 2008. This is the next best thing after the real car! The 12.1-inch sub-notebook carries Lamborghini’s signature color of Yellow and Black.


Cebit 08 Coverage starts here! SlashGear has arrived at Cebit

We have just arrived in Hannover! SlashGear’s team will starts running around the hall to hunt for cool and hip gears. To keep up with our Cebit 2008 coverage, bookmark the coverage tag.

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