SlashDeal : Sanyo Xacti HD700 Camcorder $299 at

Amazon is selling the Xacti HD700 for $299, 50% off retail price. The compact HD camcorder captures 720p HD videos. It takes decent pictures but did terrible in low light environment. It records directly to an SD (SDHC) card and sports HDMI output. We recently purchased one for $349 during the black Friday from, but now is lowering the price even more. It’s a decent HD camcorder, especially this compact; we are getting another one!

Pacific Defense Bluetooth DVR pen

You guessed it; this pen is a DVR that has Bluetooth. It also has a microSD card slot. It has an audio detection mode too, so it knows when to start recording, and it’s designed to work in low-light situations. It can even send an alarm signal if motion is detected.

No, it’s not a DVR in the sense that your new Media Center PC is a DVR, this one actually has a camera and microphone built in. of course there is also a motion sensor, so its clearly not made for use by the standard person, and judging by the company’s name, its probably for spy operations.


VholdR wearable cam makes uploading your POV to YouTube a lot easier

So easy in fact, within the software there is a one click upload to YouTube button. It records at a resolution of 640×480 at a rate of 30 frames per second, not bad for such a rugged cam.

The ruggedness comes from the anodized aluminum exterior and the lack of a lot of moving parts and controls. There is a button to roll and cut, its one button though, and that’s all there is.


Samsung VM-DX10 Camcorder

Everything is going down the drain; hybrid is the catchphrase of the decade. Proof is in the pudding, and there is now a hybrid camcorder, it reords to either a DVD or any portion of the 4GB of flash that’s on board.

There is even a bigger touch-screen on this thing than some other portable devices where the touch screen is a major selling point, 2.7 inches of touch-sensitive goodness to be exact. This beauty popped up at the Korean version of CES, called KES, go figure.


Hack – Shoot 3D images with dual camcorders

We’ve been promised 3D movies for a long time. I think it’s right up there with flying cars and true virtual reality. The closest thing we have to it is called stereoscopy. That’s basically where you have two pictures that are shot side-by-side and also set beside each other. You then basically look at them cross-eyed which results in a 3D image. Now wouldn’t it be cool if you could shoot film so it could be viewed in 3D?


Broadcom BCM2727

Yeah, I know its just a chip and as just chip has little to no importance to most readers of this site, however what this little processor can do might be very interesting to you. Just imagine 12 megapixel stills and 720p H.264 video encoding for recording.

Now imagine all that in a mobile phone. There are already a number of devices that come really close to these stats already including a 10MP mobile phone in South Korea and the LG Viewty offering up video recording at up to 120fps, whereas this Broadcom chip offers up only 30fps.


Sanyo Xacti DMX-HD700

This nifty little digital camcorder has an amazingly small size and a form factor perfect for holding in your hand. It’s so small in fact, that it’s the world’s smallest 720p HD movie camera. The geniuses at Sanyo even threw in a quick standby mode that allows the camera to go from standby to filming in 1.3 seconds.

You can take pictures and record movies with this multi-colored camera. Both video and still images get stored on either an SD or SDHC card. Like I said, it will do 720p video or you can shoot stills at 7.1MP.


Toshiba Gigashot A100F full HD HDD camcorder

The Gigashot A100F has a 100GB 1.8” HDD built into it to store all that 1920×1080 resolution MPEG-4 that you can record. It can even record in full HD at up to 60 frames per second and it records in MPEG-4, in the AVC/H.264 formats.

There is a 10x optical zoom so you can shoot your friend from a safe distance. The HDD will last up to 12 hours for full HD video or 23 hours for standard def.


Creation Station – For the future director in your family

The holidays are coming up quicker than most of us care to think about. I always intend upon getting my shopping done early, but it never happens. There are two things that always remain consistent every year with my holiday shopping. The majority of my gifts are bought no more than two weeks ahead of time, and they are mostly tech-related. If you have someone younger that is tech-savvy and dreams of making movies, here’s a cool idea for them.


IFA 2007 – Hitachi unveil World’s First BluRay Camcorders

Hitachi are throwing their hat firmly into the BluRay ring with the release of two HD camcorders – the BD70E and BD7HE –  that can record direct to the discs, allowing for instant playback in any compatible player.  Using 5.3-megapixel CMOS sensors, they record full 1920 x 1080 high-definition to 8cm discs; or, in the case of the BD7HE, optionally to the internal 30GB hard-drive before burning to disc.  Both camcorders – which Hitachi are calling the world’s first to use the BluRay format – have HDMI outputs should you not have a BluRay player to hand.



IFA 2007 – Samsung shows off tiny VP-HMX10A camcorder

Sansung was showing off their latest digital camcorder at the show today. The new VP-HMX10A is good looking, and won’t take up too much space in your camera bag.


RedOne to ship their first 25 cameras this Friday

I love shooting video just as much as the next guy, but I don’t exactly keep up with the latest high-end equipment since I’m an amateur at best. However, those of you seeking the best possible cameras you can get your hands on might do well to take a look at RedOne.


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