Buffalo SHD-UHRS – 100GB external solid state drive

Solid state drives are still quite expensive, however it has many advantages such as lower operating power consumption and generates less heat. Now, 2.5-inch SSD is nice but for an external storage, the smaller the better; so Buffalo made the SHD-UHRS external SSD with smaller dimensions in mind. The external USB 2.0 drive is almost the same size as a credit card and comes with 100GB of drive space. This 60 grams external SSD drive will cost you a hefty 100.000 Yen or around $885.

Put 100GB of SSD in your pocket! [via akihabaranews]

Buffalo TurboUSB Flash Stick has Larger Capacity Than Dual Layer HD-DVD

When muslix64 from Doom9 cracked the HD-DVD content protection (AACS) I doubt he was planning to duplicate the 30GB hd content on a USB stick. But now he can. The latest flash jumpdrive from Buffalo reach 32Gb of storage space and features ultra fast TurboUSB that boosts transfer speeds 20 percent past other external flash drives. It supports wide range of OS and comes with password protected automated backups program for Windows user. It has size of W19×H14×D91mm and weighs in 20g.


Buffalo WHR-HP-G54DD – First router to come preinstalled with DD-WRT

If you’ve never heard of DD-WRT, it’s a gamer’s best friend. More specifically, it is a firmware that can be used on many popular routers to give you greater control over it. I’ve personally installed it on a cheap Buffalo router and currently use it to make my Xbox 360 connect to the internet wirelessly without having to purchase Microsoft’s $100 adapter. Like I said, a gamer’s best friend.

Apparently Buffalo has noticed a trend in people hacking their routers with this firmware, so they’ve decided to offer the first commercial router with DD-WRT preinstalled. I must commend Buffalo on this decision, as the DD-WRT firmware isn’t just good for making a cheap wireless card for your 360 (or any other device with an ethernet port) but it also is a bit more secure than what you’ll find installed on many routers.


Buffalo’s Blu-ray and HD DVD combo drive – Cheap, but only for Japan

Still haven’t figured out who’s going to win the battle to be the official standard for HD discs? Don’t worry, no one really knows. If you don’t want to make a decision but still have the ability to watch your favorite movies in HD, check out this new drive from Buffalo.


Buffalo DriveStation – Now with a Turbo button

Do you remember those old PCs that had Turbo buttons? I barely do, I think they were just a little before my time. Then again, I was playing with a Mac, so I didn’t really mess with PCs back then. If you’ve missed the days of speeding things up with just the press of a Turbo button, you’ll be happy to hear that Buffalo is bringing it back.


Buffalo to release HD-MU2 drives for the Mac

I remember a time not that long ago when it seemed like you had to search high and low just to find accessories or peripherals for your Mac. These days it’s still easier to find things that work on a PC, but Apple is getting plenty of lovin from device manufacturers such as Buffalo.


Buffalo Technology announces Web Access feature for LinkStation Live NAS

I do my fair share of traveling, and one of the worst parts about it is leaving all of my data at home. Yes, I could carry around external hard drives, but that’s a pain. I usually keep a lot of files that I might need on my laptop, but it never fails, there’s always something sitting on my NAS at home that I need.

Now Buffalo has introduced it’s new Web Access feature for their LinkStation Live NAS devices. This allows you to connect to your NAS from anywhere in the world over the internet. The entire process is set up using a basic web browser interface, so it’s a piece of cake to set up. You can even allow other users access to your data with little effort.


New High Gain wireless adapters from Buffalo work up to 1600 feet away

Sometimes your regular wireless card just won’t cut it. I know of a few places that I like to frequent where I’m just on the edge of a wireless signal, so I either get a really poor connection, or non at all.


Powerline networking is still too expensive

Home networking is becoming easier everyday. With wireless adapters getting cheaper all the time, it is a piece of cake to get a connection in every part of your house. But what if you want to get the internet in a garage or barn that is too far away to pick up a wireless signal?


Buffalo tries to reinvent the mouse wheel

Tired of the stupid scroll wheel on your mouse? Honestly, I love mine, and don’t really see any room for improvement. Buffalo thinks that they may have designed a better alternative to the scrollwheel.


Buffalo DriveStation Quattro – 4 HDD in a Box

Never say enough when it comes to data storage. In this age of multimedia, harddrive space can fill up quickly. If internal HDD is not an option, DriveStation Quattro USB 2.0 / eSATA External Hard Drive from Bufallo might be a good solution. The DriveStation Quattro is offered in capacities of 1TB (HD-Q1.0TSU2/R5) and 2TB (HD-Q2.0TSU/R5) from four 7200-RPM hard disk drives.

The DriveStation Quattro USB 2.0 / eSATA External Hard Drive will be available late January at estimated street prices of $599 for the 1TB (HD-Q1.0TSU2/R5) version and $999 for the 2TB (HD-Q2.0TSU2/R5) version

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