Verizon FiOS experiment is paying off

Verizon FiOS experiment is paying off

Verizon definitely has something to be happy about today. The company's fiber lines are paying off in a big way. And to think, no one thought it was a good idea when they invested?

Verizon took a chance by investing $23 billion in residential FiOS networks. A lot of analysts thought it wasn't worth it, but subscriber growth rates have proven that idea otherwise. DSL and landline subscribers are shrinking, but FiOS and wireless subscribers are definitely on the wise.

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Broadcom acquires Sunext Design, will develop Blu-Ray SoC solution with optical recorders

At present, the top three System-On-A-Chip aka SoC maker for Blu-Ray technology are Sigma Design, Broadcom and Panasonic UniPhier. Majority of current Blu-ray players are coming from sigma Design’s SMP8634 SoC, but the company may face the toughest challenge with its rival’s recent acquisition of Sunext Design.


3G iPhone confirmed for 2008

It seemed unlikely that Apple could go any other way, but AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson finally confirmed that 2008 will see the iPhone upgraded with 3G connectivity. The handset, which has been robustly criticised for making use of last-gen EDGE data rather than one of the newer, faster technologies, was limited to the slower network as the company felt battery life would suffer unduly from power-hungry 3G chips. Speaking at a meeting of the Churchill Club in California, Stephenson told reporters querying the updated phone that “you’ll have it next year.”


Linksys WRT600N

Oh, all this WiFi N business makes me chuckle, they don’t even have a set standard, its still in draft stages, and they have been selling the hardware for like a year or something like that, so dumb. Anyways, Linksys is bringing you the latest from Draft 2.0.

It uses a Broadcom chipset for dual-band 802.11n goodness and even had gigabit Ethernet ports. You can even hook up an external USB drive and make it into and NAS as well.


Broadcom BCM21551

That number likely means nothing to you, but to the mobile phone industry it could mean a 3G iPhone. That up there is the model number of a new Broadcom chip that combines 3G and a host of other features in an all-in-one chip.

How could Apple not use this chip? I mean, if there is a reason, a good one, they will find it, and we will be happy they didn’t, but seriously. This chip combines 3G HSDPA @ 7.2Mbps, HSUPA @ 5.8Mbps, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and some other legacy connections.


Broadcom BCM2727

Yeah, I know its just a chip and as just chip has little to no importance to most readers of this site, however what this little processor can do might be very interesting to you. Just imagine 12 megapixel stills and 720p H.264 video encoding for recording.

Now imagine all that in a mobile phone. There are already a number of devices that come really close to these stats already including a 10MP mobile phone in South Korea and the LG Viewty offering up video recording at up to 120fps, whereas this Broadcom chip offers up only 30fps.


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