Bose MusicMonitor speaker for the PC

Mr. Veneziani from CrunchGear was invited to a Bose event the other day, and while there he got a first hand experience with the Bose MusicMonitor speakers. The setup included the speakers, a small desk, and a brand new iMac and a subwoofer.

They played for the gentleman, six different songs from a range of sources, to drive home the point that Bose’s goal was lifelike sound. After playing through half of those songs, they unplugged the subwoofer, and told him that it was just a decoy, all the bass sounds he heard were coming solely from the two speakers on the desktop.


Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphone: QC3

Walking down the street and having hard time hearing music from your mp3 player because the noise was too loud? Or, thinking that on-ear head phones aren’t any good! This Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphone from Bose might change your mind. People who have experienced “Bose” would know the quality of the brand. No headphones will eliminate noise completely, but with QC3 headphones, you can feel the difference.

QC3 is a headphone with QuietComfort and Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology providing you a rich-clear audio detail that you might have never experienced before. The QC3 is a compact, lightweight, and easy fit for hours of comfortable listening. The headphone is powered with battery. The kit comes with wall-socket charger and rechargeable battery with approximately 20 hours of run time. Purchase the QC3 for $349 and receive a free 256MB MP3 player valued at $50 before January 31, 2007.

QuietComfirt 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones [via Bose]

Bose Companion 5 speakers rise above the rest

I’ve always liked those Bose speakers that look like little twisted-square robots, but the company makes more than just home entertainment lifestyle products – they do computer peripherals too.  Obviously they stick to what they’re good at, and by golly they’re good at designing lush speakers.  Latest off the drawing board and out the factory door are these, the Companion 5 speaker system – hooking up to your computer via USB, they offer the company’s clever TrueSpace 5.1 surround sound emulation from only two speakers plus an Acoustimass subwoofer. 

With stands to elevate the main speakers above the detritus cluttering your desk, as well as a remote volume control with both a headphone jack and a secondary input, the Companion 5 system will be available this month for £300 ($570).

Bose [via Pocket-lint]

Bose In-Ear Headphones for Under $100!

It’s hard to believe that Bose would release such an inexpensive headset, the Bose In-Ear headphones. I was expecting around the price range of $149 to $199 given the QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones goes for $349 and the Bose on-ear headphones is priced at $179; very smart pricing, indeed. It’s hard to say how good these headphones are compared to Shure and Ultimate Ears.

These bad boys feature Bose very own proprietary TriPort acoustic headphone structure, which the company claim to yield greater low-frequency output and should create more balanced lifelike sound. How comfortable are these soft silicone earbuds? It’s hard to say. These removable silicone tips comes in S, M and L, which Bose swears that they’ll remain comfortable and stable in your ears for hours.

Will I make the switch from my Etymotic ER 4 microPro earphones for the Bose In-Ear headphones? Most likely not, thanks but no thanks.

Bose Product Page [via FosFor Gadgets]

Bose Announces New Acoustic Wave Music System II and Bose Companion 4

Bose Announces New Acoustic Wave Music System II and Bose Companion 4

Bose is shipping the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System II and Bose Companion 5 on September 7.  The Wave II is listed at $1079, while the Companion 5 will cost $399.  The Wave II features a CD player, and FM/AM tuner, two strong tweeters, a 4.5-inch low-frequency driver linked to 80-inch tube called waveguide.  There’s even an easy option for you to connect the iPod (with remote-controller) and a five-CD changer to the system.  You get all these new features for the same price of the previous model.  The second announcement is the Companion 5, which is a pair of small satellites and a Bose Acoustimass subwoofer.  This new system is ideal for connecting your laptop or pc through the USB.

Bose Makes Waves With New Speaker Sets [via Gizmowatch]

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