BenQ MID Aries2 wins IDEA award, Europe release by end of quarter?

BenQ’s Mobile Internet Device (MID) has been hawked around tradeshows for almost a year now, with its official announcement taking place at CES 2008.  BenQ has suggested the compact touchscreen device would launch in Europe this quarter, and seemingly put together a new press photo that BusinessWeek have included as part of their IDEA Award Winners 2008 feature.


BenQ T850 World’s Thinnest 8MP: touchscreen gesture control

BenQ have announced what they’re calling the “world’s slimmest 8-megapixel camera”, the T850.  Featuring 1600 ISO, a 3x optical zoom and smc PENTAX lens, the T850 measures in at just 14.9mm deep, with a stainless steel body available in either red or black.  BenQ have obviously been looking to the latest cellphones for their UI, as the 3-inch touchscreen responds to gestures such as tap, circle and swipe.


BenQ MID – more info coming out of the woodwork

The more specs we get the more I think this might be an Asus Eee shrunken down to fit in an MID package. It has an 800 MHz Silverthorne processor, Poulsbo chipset, half a gig of RAM, and a 4GB SSD.


BenQ Updates World’s Slimmest 8mp Dgital Compact Camera

BenQ presented a sleek and slim X835 last month with a mere 12.5mm in thickness. Apparently that wasn’t enough, they have went beyond 10mm this time with DSC-X800 claiming World’s Slimmest 8mp digital compact camera at 9.8mm.


CES 2008: BenQ launch MID WiFi & 3.5G Mobile Internet Device

BenQ will be officially presenting its MID Companion Device at CES 2008, hoping to rekindle any waning interest in the UMPC ultraportable tablet format with its pocketable internet browsing handheld.  Based on Intel’s Menlow platform, and fully wirelessly capable thanks to both WiFi and 3.5G cellular broadband, the MID uses a Linux OS rather than something from Microsoft’s stable.

Image via Clipset / Check out a video of the BenQ MID after the cut 


BenQ Joybook Q41 is a SideShow freak

Check out this new notebook from BenQ, not only is it small and compact at 14.1-inches, but it also has an external 2.5” LCD for Vista SideShow use. There are also all the necessary controls to make use of the screen including a D-Pad, and a couple of other buttons as well as a lock switch to turn off the external display.


Benq’s Slim and Sleek DCS-X835 Digital Camera

BENQ is going after P&S market with an ultra slim and compact digital camera. Measured at 12.5mm, thickness is not the only feature that makes it stand out; the DCS X-835 has 2.5” LCD, packed with an smc Pentax lens with 3x zoom. The 8 mega pixel CCD sensor supports 3:2 or 16:9 output sizes and has a high sensitivity up to ISO 6400 on movie mode and ISO 2000 for still image.


BenQ launches X-series LCD monitors

If you are looking for a all purposes LCD monitor for movie, gaming and web surfing. Look no further, BenQ is rolling out 4 new X series LCD monitors today. The BenQ x900 19” 1280×1024, x900w 19” 1440×900, x2000w 20” 1680×1050 and x2200w 22” 1680×1050 is optimized with BenQ’s exclusive PerfectMotion and Upgraded Senseye® Technology for ultimate gaming experiences. Two preset game modes, action and racing are designed for hardcore gamers with each address the display response accordingly. All 4 models loaded with D-sub/DVi-D inputs with HDCP support.


BenQ drops Joybook R43 notebook

Its 14-inches in diameter, and is a “designer notebook” because of some cool laminate on the lid. Its all black (save for logos and the laminate) and the laminate is supposed to make the back look like an artsy version of a city-scape with points of light and blue status lights somehow re-enforcing that fact.

It does have one unique and cool feature, a keyboard shortcut that will make you a disk image to put on another storage medium, that feature is called QData Trove. The base specs of the system are a 1.8GHz C2D, half gig of RAM, 80GB of hard drive space, and a DVD/CD-RW drive.


Rumor – SL98 phone from BenQ Siemens

Do you ever have a great idea that, when you actually act on it, doesn’t seem like such a great idea anymore? I’m thinking that’s the case with this new SL98 prototype phone from BenQ Siemens.


BenQ releases 7MP digital camera

When I think BenQ, the first thing that pops into my mind is the DVD burner in my PC, as it happens to be made by them. I also think of monitors, since I’ve seen those as well, but a digital camera never comes to mind. However, they do make digital cameras, and they’re not half bad.


BenQ lend support to UMPC platform

If you judge a platform by the number of manufacturers jumping onto it, then the UMPC is going from strength to strength.  Samsung’s Q2 has made bloggers in and outside of the Tablet fanbase giddy, and now it’s being reported that BenQ are planning to release a UMPC before the end of the year.


Traditionally known for their handsets and smartphones, the UMPC would be marketed through existing IT and handset channels.  Other than that, no details are known.

DigiTimes [via UMPCPortal]

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