Belkin Network USB Hub – Wirelessly network any USB devices

Do you have a few devices that you like to have situated across the room from your PC? If so, you’ve likely found it difficult to connect them to your PC without stringing long cables. Belkin has finally released their solution tot this issue.


Belkin “Find Us A New Slogan” Contest Winner

The time has finally come for a winner to be announced. First lets list what they’ve won. The contents of this gracious prize pack from our wonderful sponsors at Belkin are as follows: a TuneBase™ FM Transmitter for Zune™ F8M026 and the TunePower® for Zune™ F8M027.


Belkin makes ad-hoc networking simple with Wireless-USB

Ad-hoc networking two computers together has undoubtedly gotten easier since I tried – and failed – to use a serial cable to do it many years ago, but anything that makes it foolproof has to be appreciated.  Belkin’s latest range of Wireless USB accessories might just manage that; while their range so far has concentrated on removing the cable between PC and peripherals thanks to a WUSB hub, these dongles should be a plug & play way to quickly link two computers.



Belkin’s WUSB Gets a Face Lift

Offering up full USB transfer rates of 480Mbps at distances of up to 30ft away this pretty little device’s usefulness often comes into question. But now that it is even sleeker looking than its predecessor it should be an easier sale.


Belkin N1 Vision router

Belkin comes up with fresh new design for its N1 Vision router. The N1 Vision router simplifies setup process and making it easy to monitor your wireless network. It has a display on the router itself to give you real-time reports of activities on your router.


Boost your wireless speeds with new N1 cards from Belkin

If you’re looking to jump on the 802.11n bandwagon, Belkin has got you covered. That is if they’ve fixed whatever issue was plaguing their previous products.


Belkin settles lawsuit with refunds and 50% off codes

Do you have a router or wireless card from Belkin lying around? Perhaps you weren’t exactly thrilled with its performance. If so, you might be entitled to some cold hard cash.


Belkin’s WiFi hub unhooks your USB

It may look like Belkin’s Darth Vader answer to the Apple TV, but this unassuming slab is in fact a WiFi-enabled USB hub.  In effect a tiny system running embedded Linux, it has five USB 2.0 ports that communicate with any PC on a network via 802.11n – devices plugged in show up as if they’re connected directly to the PC itself.


Belkin’s Draft-N line-up comes in for critical scrutiny

Seeing Mitchell Oke’s review of the Belkin N1 Router came at quite an opportune time for me, since I’m thinking of upgrading my network to accommodate all the media that’s drifting round it.  Taking advantage of draft-N WiFi, which promises 300mbit speeds, Belkin sent him the surprisingly chunky base station and an N1 ExpressCard to test it with and Mitchell took it to task to see how worthy the $149.95 & $119.95 successors are to existing 802.11g wireless.


Make use of that hole in your desk

Every now and then you come across something so obvious that you know you should have thought of it first. That’s the way I felt when I first saw the new desk grommets that are being made by Belkin.


Belkin TunePower doubles your Zune’s battery life

Gear Diary‘s Judie is a lot more accepting than I am.  When faced with Belkin’s TunePower external battery pack for her Zune, she’s capable of overlooking its brick-like appearance and trying to find its inner charm.  Admittedly, it does promise a lot: doubling the DAP’s battery life from the roughly eleven hours of audio and five of video Judie has been enjoying.  But still, five-inches long and an extra 4oz?!


While the form-factor is inconvenient, Belkin have made sure the rest of the TunePower is full of useful features.  The same AC adaptor will charge both the Zune and the external battery simultaneously, and the pack takes five hours to fully recharge.  There’s also a handy kick-stand which props the Zune up for hands-free video viewing, and the cradle has cut-outs for all the ports.


Belkin USB transfer cable gets Vista branding

When is a cable not a cable?  When it’s a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable for Vista, that’s when!  So set off some fireworks and kiss the nearest person on their rosy-red lips, because the bandwagon jumping is in full force.  Belkin are advertising this as the easy way to transfer all files, audio and video multimedia, application data, OS settings and internet settings from an XP-based PC to a new computer running Vista.

Now it’s entirely possible that I could be missing something here, but isn’t this just a USB-to-USB networking cable, such as has been available for ages now?  I get the feeling that the only difference from existing products is the “Premium Vista Logo”.


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