Macworld 08: Apple launch Time Capsule wireless NAS

First up from Steve Jobs’ Macworld 08 Keynote is a wireless NAS: Time Capsule is an AirPort Extreme complete with a server-grade hard-drive that works seamlessly with OS X’s Time Machine backup software.  Available in two capacities, 500GB and 1TB, Time Capsule resembles an Apple TV unit with 802.11n WiFi, and will be priced at $299 and $499 respectively.


Fujifilm Tape Tracker

Still using tapes for your backup solution? First of all, my condolences, secondly, there is now a solution that should help decrease the chances of you losing them. The device takes the shape of a full sized tape disk but offers up GPS coordinates instead of storage space.

So, as long as your transport your tapes in sets, your set. The GPS supposedly works even in rural areas and will even broadcast through vehicles and warehouses.



This thing that looks a lot like a square SFF PC, but its not, it’s a digital photo album. The only problem is the paltry 80GB of storage.

Sure, 80GB could store a good number of photos from your cell phone, but with cameras hitting average ranges between 7 and 10 MP for mere point and shoots, well, 80GB is going to get eaten up pretty quick. And if you are a professional, you are probably really hesitant when it comes to deleting digital photos, which is good; you shouldn’t have to, so why make something like this with only 80GB of storage?


Sony BWU-200S 4x Blu-Ray Burner

50GB of data written to a Blu-Ray disc in 45 minutes, I’m thinking once this thing hits 8 or 16x it will definitely be a very viable backup solution. I mean it already is with the exception of the fact that last I checked a BD-R was like $20-$25.

This drive also ups the regular DVD burning time for a Blu-Ray burner, now you can burn DVDs at the same 16x you are used to with a dedicated DVD Burner. The drive is rail mounted and uses up a SATA port for the fastest data transmission.


Transcend StoreJet 2.5-inch SATA external HDDs

Transcend launched a new set of StoreJet 2.5-inch SATA external hard drives today. They look nice with their polished aluminum encasings in different colors.

There are three colors to choose from that are coordinated with each drives capacity. Silver is for the 80GB, titanium is for 120GB, and blue is for the 160GB.


Advanced Wireless Solutions Backup Pal

What does it do? It backs up your cell phones contact list. It doesn’t require anything other than that I assume the phone has to be on, other than that, connect it, hit the backup button, and bam, your done.

You can even restore the contact list with the touch of a button. You’ll notice there is no computer involved anywhere in there, even though you can connect it to a computer if you want.


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