Archos Internet Media Tablet update bringing ‘innovative’ 3G features

The Archos Internet Media Tablets are set to receive a significant feature upgrade, at least those using French 3G network TIM, according to a cryptic tip from Archos Lounge.  While details are scant at present, the update is promised to “make real progress in terms of features for geeks like us” as well as comprise “functions [that] would be totally innovative for the French manufacturer”.



SlashGear Week in Review – Week 34 2008

Intel have been holding their annual Developers’ Forum in San Francisco this week, and quite a few prototypes and commercial products have come out to play. Of the former, most exciting seems to be the UrbanMax Tablet PC concept; of the latter, Viliv’s S5 MID and S7 UMPC both promise to crank the netbook market up a gear or two.

That’s probably not what Acer want to hear; the company has snipped pricing off of their Aspire One netbook, presumably remembering (only a little late) that the ultraportables are meant to be cheap. Not far from the shelves, Fujitsu’s Amilo Mini and Dell’s Inspiron 910 continued to leak information, but still no official word from the tongue-tied companies themselves.


Archos 5 & 7 PMPs on sale; HSDPA possible with USB modem

Archos’ new range of Internet Media Tablets are now available to order on Amazon, complete with a number of accessories.  The online retailer is listing all three versions of the Archos 5 – with 60GB, 120GB and 250GB storage – and both Archos 7 versions – 160GB and 320GB – but not the Archos 5g, which has a built-in HSDPA modem.


Archos 5 & 7 PMPs: fingerprint magnets but promising

Archos’ new PMP range has been long anticipated, and the first hands-on reports are already coming in.  GenerationMP3 spent some time with both the 4.8-inch Archos 5 and the 7-inch Archos 7, and despite the casings being real fingerprint magnets they’ve come away impressed.  Archos have apparently switched the audio processing chip and are claiming far better sound quality; they’ve also included both the Flash-compatible Opera browser and the WebTV & Radio plugin, which on previous models were paid options.


Archos 7, 5 & 5g ‘Internet Media Tablets’ with optional HSDPA

Archos started hinting at new products last week, and the curtains have finally been drawn on the company’s new Internet Media Tablets.  Three new models have been introduced, the Archos 5 and Archos 7, which both include high-resolution touchscreens, WiFi, up to 320GB storage and slender casings, and the Archos 5g which adds 3G HSDPA cellular broadband.


Archos 6th Gen PMP coming soon: 3G communicator?

Archos have been a discrete teaser campaign for an upcoming device, believed to be the 6th generation PMP that will have 3G high-speed mobile internet.  The company briefly ran this small image on their homepage, depicting the corner of a new device and the slogan “Coming up…”; however it was quickly replaced by a more generic image (shown after the cut).


Archos 3G PMP announcement rumored for July 10th event

PMP manufacturer Archos is planning an event in London this month, which is rumored to see the launch of the company’s first 3G wireless-enabled media player.  Held on July 10th, the event has the tag-line “entertainment your way” and will feature a major product announcement by Tony Limrick, the UK managing director.  The 3G PMP, which Archos has confirmed is in production, is believed to allow internet access, media streaming and downloads direct to the device.


Archos PMP firmware update: Flash support, WebTV & radio

Archos have released new firmware for their 605 (both HDD and Flash versions), 705, 405 2Go and 405 30 Go PMPs, as well as the Archos TV+ set-top box.  Version 2.0.10 supports Flash 9 video, WMV9 (possibly including DRM-encrypted web streams), WebTV and radio (with an optional plugin), GPS (with the recently-announced navigation accessory) and an alarm clock. 

Videos of the new firmware functionality after the cut


Archos 605 PMP gets GPS add-on with traffic alerts

Further blurring the line between their high-end PMP range and a PDA, Archos have announced a GPS add-on for the 605 WiFi media player. Consisting of a windscreen-mount cradle and separate SiRF III GPS puck, the accessory will add not only turn-by-turn navigation but traffic warnings and an accident notification service. Meanwhile, since the 605 is also a capable music player, users can set audio running and the GPS system will interrupt with direction instructions.


Archos e-comp@gnon WiFi Communicator – someone got Champagne and Companion mixed up

The press release is in French, so I suppose I could give them a break on the spelling. The deal is they are trying to create a companion to a regular cell phone. It would offer up a lot of the web capabilities of a normal cell phone, but on a larger screen, over WiFi, and with a full keyboard.


CES 2008: Archos TV+ WiFi DVR

I know I’ve already covered this product, but I have new news, first of all I have more pics, and I have a better idea of how big it is. Most importantly, they had the interface in demo mode, so I have a video of that so you can get an idea of what it looks like in action.


Archos TV+ is everything the Apple TV should have been

I hate comparing one product to another, but the Archos set top box DVR is everything the Apple TV should have been and even has an equally slick appearance. Alright, lets start with the fact that it comes in your choice of 80 or 250 gigabyte capacities, and, since its made by Archos, I wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising modders found a way to increase that.


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