On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One trailer

The guys over at Penny Arcade rock If you don’t already read their comic, you should check them out sometime. Well, as long as you’re not easily offended, if you are, you might not want to stop by. Anyway, for those that have read and enjoy the Penny Arcade comics, you’ll be excited to know that they will be making their venture into the world of 3D very soon.

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Creative Zen Wav – iPod Nano gets some more competition

Creative won’t give up on media player market yet and is adding a new Zen to their player portfolio. The Zen Wav, a new player that is believes to be competiting with iPod Nano. The Zen Wav has similarity in navigation feature with its sibling Zen Neeon using a joystick and two buttons in front of the player.


LG announces HDTV refrigerator

Some people enjoy having a TV in their kitchen, and I can understand that. Especially people that do a lot of cooking, they need to have something to keep their sanity whilst trying to keep track of all of the dishes they are preparing.


The Universal Key Fob helps break down the bulk of your keys

Tired of jingling all the time when carrying around all those keys? Well the Universal Key Fob might be the answer you were looking for.


Brica ViewArt 1000 – MP3 Player, WebCam, DVR, oh should I go on?

Never have I seen any gadgets that have more functions than Brica ViewArt 1000. It works as a video camera, digital camera, webcam for PC, FM tuner, e-book reader, MP3 player, audio recorder, video player (built-in TV output), and digital video recorder (with its TV input).

The recorded video will be saved as ASF file with 320×240 resolution. As for playback, the Brica ViewArt 1000 supports AVI, Quicktime, MPG, WMV, and Realmedia video files. The MP3 player supports MP3, unprotected WMA and WAV audio files.


The ModYFire iWear – even nerdier than a pocket protector

I’m beginning to wonder if the iPod accessories have become a bigger deal than the iPod itself. Well this ModYFire iWear offers you a few more ways to show off your iPod, that definitely in no way come off as super creepy.


Hotmail Gets Face Lift on Monday

This Monday, after over a year in development, Microsoft will update to Windows Live Hotmail, a service that provides more storage capacity and communication features.

Beyond a 2GB storage capacity upgrade, Hotmail users can expect an updated user interface that draws heavily from Microsoft’s Outlook mail application. Featuring the latest in ajax wizardry the new user interface promises to be responsive and intuitive, though users will be able to disable these effects.

Other features include e-mail conversation grouping and enhanced connectivity to Messenger. Users of Hotmail will not be required to do anything to receive these enhancements, all accounts will be upgraded automatically on Monday.

New version of Hotmail to launch next week [via tgdaily]

New Zelda DS Lite mod

Do you remember that kick-ass Zelda Wii mod that someone made a little while back? Well the guy has been working on a new on that is just as cool.


Nokia N75 Launch Is “Imminent”

It appears the long wait for the Nokia N75 may soon be over as reports say the phone’s launch is “imminent.”


Nvidia Unviels 8800 GTX, $830 Pricetag

As AMD prepares for the release of its new flagship graphics card line later this month, Nvidia is upping the stakes with it’s plans to release a new high-end version of it’s 8800 series graphics processor.


The Turd Twister – just as disgusting as it sounds

I come across some very out-there gadgets from time to time, but this one is just disturbing. I seriously hope you aren’t eating right now, if you are, you might want to read this after you are done, depending on what you can stomach. They call it the Turd Twister and it’s exactly what you think it is.


SlingPlayer Mac Went Gold

I’ve been using the beta version of SlingPlayer Mac for couple months already. Aside from little annoyances, it worked pretty well. Now the final 1.0 gold has been released and Sling Media added support for controlling Apple TV.


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