New Pioneer Laptop Has Quad Core Inside

The DreamBook Power D90 SLI is a 17” laptop with a 1920×1680 WUXGA display. The processors range from a Core 2 Duo E4300 at 1.8Ghz all the way up to the Core 2 Extreme X6800 2.93Ghz quad core processor.


Transformers Laptop, Only Changes From Open To Closed

Haier has decided to make a Transformers themed G70 laptop. Really the only thing spectacular about the laptop is the decal on the back.


iPhone Insurance Is Reassuring

So, you waited in line for days to get your precious (insert Gollum reference here) iPhone, went through the pains of activating it (with or without a contracted service plan). So now you are addicted and out of the blue you break, lose, or have your precious stolen, what do you do besides curl up in the fetal position and cry?


New All Electric Motorcycle By Brammo

Coming straight from the folks who brought you the Ariel Atom 2 is their latest addition to the product line, the Enertia. This motorcycle is all electric, has a top speed of 50MPH, a max range of 45 miles @ 25mph and weighs a mere 275 pounds.


CableCo’s Raising Set-Top Box Rental Rates

The good news is the feature list for set-top boxes should be increasing. Set-Top boxes should also become consumer electronics devices, sold and marketed to the consumer instead of video service providers.

Essentially the reason for the price hike is the FCC is finally enforcing previous rulings which push for user-marketed boxes, whereas the current market is setup so that the various cable companies select the boxes they want to allow their customers to use and only market those boxes to the consumer. (more…)

Fujitsu releases 300GB 2.5-inch drive

If you’re looking for a drive that’s big on storage, but small in size, look no further than Fujitsu’s 300GB 2.5-inch portable drive.


Walt Mossberg’s iPhone Reviews with Video

Walt Mossberg’s iPhone Reviews with Video

The first iPhone review is finally out and it’s none other than Walt Mossberg who is one of the lucky guys that gets their hands on iPhone early.

Video after the jump.

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YOTO PMP has distinct style and low price

Unlike the Microsoft definition of MVP, this YOTO PMP – the MVP-800 – could easily stand for “Muchos Value Player”.  Well, it could if it wasn’t Chinese, as I don’t think they used “muchos” in the Far East.  Anyway, the equivalent of $52 gets you a slickly designed 2GB PMP with a luxurious 2.8-inch QVGA screen and TransFlash memory expansion slot.



G-Cube gadgets just for the girls

Girly gadgets can occasionally come off as a little cheesy, but these computer accessories from G-Cube are anything but. It’s about time someone came out with new gadgets for the fairer sex.


WWDC 2007: Leopard’s Core Animation Video

One of the more visually interesting parts of Apple’s Leopard demo was the new Core Animation functionality, which joins existing Core Audio, Image and Video features and makes animating text, images, video and OpenGL simple. Take a look at SlashGear’s video from the Keynote, and get ready to gasp and spontaneously applaud along with the audience at the awesome live media preview demo.


Make sure to check out the rest of SlashGear’s WWDC 2007 coverage

Pikachu yellow Nintendo DS

A select few of Japanese gamers will have the opportunity to buy an obnoxiously yellow Pikachu themed Nintendo DS Lite. Not only will they have to fork out the cost for the unit but those who want the yellow DS must go to the Pokemon center in person and enter in a lottery just to have the chance to buy one.


GamePort lets you take your retro games on the go

If you’re looking for a game emulator to take around with you, you might want to check out Ben Heck’s latest project. While it’s not actually his creation, he did design the case and give it a name.


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