USB mini fridge – is it really worth it?

I tend to get in a rush when I get home from stocking up on food for the week, so I tend to forget to toss my Mountain Dew in the fridge. So then when I get thirsty I get to play the freezer game where I put it in and try to remember to take it out before it becomes a big chunk of ice.


Penguin Thermostat – why?

Need a family-friendly way to keep the temperature of your house regulated? Well if you enjoy touchscreen interfaces and anime-style penguins, I have got a treat for you.


Toasty the Toaster: It makes toast!

It’s always interesting to see all the design concepts, then to watch to see what actually gets created. Well for some reason people have a fascination with toast, and Toasty is no different.


Is a free drink worth 30 seconds of your time?

I think that the Japanese marketing people are really onto something here. We watch ads all the time, but what do we get for it? Nothing. A vending machine company has decided to start rewarding people for watching advertisements.


The Hot Diggity Dogger – makes cooking hotdogs a little easier

Tired of getting freshly cooked hotdogs straight off of the grill? If you are, I’m tempted to call you a freak, but I won’t. Well then this Hot Diggity Dogger (yes that is the actual name of the product) might be just what you need.


TV-Fridges: Latest Home Appliance Trend?

I frequent the refrigerator several times a day and I find that I’m really only there for a quick moment, just long enough to get what I need and I’m on my way. Apparently the rest of the world has a craving watch television while “fridging?” fridging – v. To stand near a refrigerator and long for something to do.

This latest product from LG, a TV-fridge “convergence appliance” comes complete with a 15-inch LCD including HDTV capabilities. For $4,000 though, one would expect at least DVD playback capabilities.

One potential flaw in the design is the TV is right next to the ice dispenser; not only is this a poor height for anyone over 4 feet in height, but should you ever be watching a channel about an ice dispenser someone could mistakenly put a glass through the screen.

The latest convergence trend: fridge TVs [via cnet]

Philips helps consumers go green

Lately companies have put out more and more products that are considered green. Philips has now released the Green Tick logo to help consumers recognize products that are a bit more environmentally friendly.

This logo is placed on products that are 10% better in comparison to other products on the market. However, they only have to be better in one of these five categories: hazardous substances, energy efficiency, weight, packaging and recycling. Although it is great that Philips is taking a step in the right direction, the logo does not mean that the product is completely green. It just means in comparison to other products it is the lesser evil.

Although there are not all that many products with the Green Tick logo, Philips intends to bring up that number by the end of this year.

Philips helps buyers pick green gadgets
[via crave]

The Pop Art toaster-I think I just threw up a little

Need a new twist on that boring old white bread? Now you can stamp it with super cheesy little pictures.


Retro SMEG Dishwasher

Retro appliances have added a fun twist to the modern kitchen. The Smeg DF6FABR Dishwasher is no different. Not only is it drop dead gorgeous it’s just as tough as the average dishwasher.


This Craftworks toolbox comes with a twist

Certain men have a bit of a love affair with their garage. They make fun of women with all their baubles and shoes, but to be honest they love to accessorize themselves, they just confine it to the garage. Well they would definitely love this refrigerator from Craftworks.


Hello Kitty Crock Pot-sign of the apocalypse?

I’m pretty sure the world is going to end with a bunch of Hello Kitty robots taking over the world. With all the other things they have, how could you possibly doubt our impending doom? I’m not sure that is a fate I can deal with. I doubt this particular product will end in death, unless they make a giant one and slow cook you with their creepy Hello Kitty Crock Pot.

I no longer fear the Michael Jackson robot with laser beams; it’s Hello Kitty that terrifies me. The issue is that no one just passively likes Hello Kitty; no, you either hate it or are obsessed. Just be on the look out for any Hello Kitty religious groups that pop up, that will be the sure sign that you should say your goodbyes.

Personally, I think all Hello Kitty gadgets should be replaced with more sophisticated brands such as Ninja Turtles, Spider Man, or even South Park.

Gourmet cooking with Hello Kitty [via Crave]

The Mool Hood Toaster-the alien toaster

This is the kind of toaster that leaves you awestruck just because it’s so pretty. It could burn everything and it would still look cool. Even better it heats up your toast completely different from all the other crazy toasters we have posted. Bet you’d like to know what makes it so nifty wouldn’t you.


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