Apple TV software update finally available

The new Apple TV update is now available for download. In case you missed our coverage of MacWorld where the update was announced, the major features in this update are PC-less access to the iTunes store, and both SD and HD movie rentals.


VUDU slashed price to battle AppleTV?

In respond to the recent announcement from AppleTV & Apple Video on demand, the broadband IP-based Vudu slashed its $399 Set-To-Box down to $295, effective yesterday in order to compete with the crowded VOD market.


Apple TV Take 2

I don’t recall what the old interface looked like, but the new interface looks amazing and makes heavy use of the CoverFlow technology, in a very good way. The ability to use it without a PC is also a great feature, and it’s more power efficient that way.


Macworld 08: Keynote Summary & Transcript

After all the usual rumor, intrigue and speculation, another Macworld Keynote comes to a close.  It’s been a morning of updates and a few significant launches, with Apple TV, iTunes, the iPhone and the iPod Touch all getting new software, the introduction of $3.99 movie rentals from all of the major studios, Apple’s first NAS in the shape of the Time Capsule and, of course, the super-slim, super-sexy (and already super-controversial) MacBook Air.

The full SlashGear transcript of the Keynote is after the cut, and you can guarantee that we’ll be bringing you all the latest coverage of these new additions and upgrades to Apple’s range over the coming days. 


Macworld 08: Apple TV updated with streaming iTunes content, YouTube and movie rentals

Apple TV, the company’s wireless set-top box, has been updated so as to function without the need for a Mac, opening up the device to the thousands of potential users yet to invest (or unable to afford) one of Apple’s computers.  While iTunes content can be streamed direct to the Apple TV and enjoyed through a connected widescreen TV, owners now have the option to browse, research and buy TV shows, music and titles from the new movie rentals service direct from the set-top box itself. 


Archos TV+ is everything the Apple TV should have been

I hate comparing one product to another, but the Archos set top box DVR is everything the Apple TV should have been and even has an equally slick appearance. Alright, lets start with the fact that it comes in your choice of 80 or 250 gigabyte capacities, and, since its made by Archos, I wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising modders found a way to increase that.


Black Friday Notebook Sale

So, Black Friday (this Friday for those not in the know) is fast approaching and that means that millions of people in the retail industry will seriously consider suicide as a possible alternative to finishing their shift. It also means that there will be tons of stuff on sale for dirt cheap.

A large portion of that stuff will be electronics, computers, home theater equipment, you name it, the US is probably one of, if not the largest markets for consumer electronics and Black Friday is a great excuse to move a few units out the door. One such product that many cost savvy consumers will be looking for is the coveted uber cheap notebook.


EyeTV 250 Plus

Made by Elgato, the EyeTV 250 Plus is a hybrid TV tuner. There is a tuner, converter, and hardware encoding.

The hardware encoding makes it so you can easily digitize all sorts of media including video cassettes and laserdiscs. The encoder outputs in MPEG-2, but the included software makes it fairly easy to automatically convert for several other formats.


Slingbox and Apple TV hook up

When Steve Jobs announced the Apple TV, a lot of people started braying for a one-on-one deathmatch between it and the Slingbox.  Since then, reviewers and news-peddlers invariably describe the two as being in vengeful competition; the question is clear: are you an Apple or a Slinger?  But over at Sling Media they’ve obviously not been told about this great rivalry; they’re too busy hooking up an Apple TV to a Slingbox PRO and using it to stream iTunes audio and video.


Strip me and ogle me: AppleTV unboxed

Those crafty brutes over at Gizmodo have roughly stripped a new AppleTV unit of its slick packaging and – just to really drive the embarrassment home – they’ve photographed the whole damn trauma.  Frankly, while pleasantly enough designed, it’s not exactly the most eye-stunning of gadgets; there’s only so much visual magic you can confer with a silver slab.


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