Alienware Area-51 gets NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280 GPU

Presumably someone at Alienware has been talking with NVIDIA, as it hasn’t taken the gaming PC manufacturer very long to announce new versions of their Area-51 desktop using the latest GeForce GTX 280 GPU. Available on the Area-51 7500, Area-51 and Area-51 ALX machines, up to three of the 602MHz GPUs can be specified.


SlashGear Week in Review – May 25th

After a few weeks of budget, mobile laptops grabbing the headlines, its been the turn of monstrous gaming machines to storm the limelight.  Acer announced their first serious gamer’s desktop, the Aspire Predator, which is intended to take the breed out of the boutique and into mainstream computer stores.  Alienware struck back with an updated Area-51 ALX; the industry’s first overclocked 4GHz Core 2 Extreme aimed to put Acer back into their place.


Alienware Area-51 ALX gets 4GHz Core 2 Extreme overclock

If Acer thought rivals Alienware would take one look at their new Predator gaming PC and run for the hills, they’ve another thing coming.  Alienware have dragged their already-incredible Area-51 ALX back into the lab and subjected it to some serious surgery.  We’re not talking mere botox, either: how about a 3.2GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770 overclocked to 4.0GHz, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and dual ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards.


Dell frags XPS gaming desktops in favor of flagging Alienware

Dell is taking the unexpected step of culling its XPS Gaming Desktops range in order to give its Alienware acquisition room to breathe. According to the Wall Street Journal, the move is intended to reinvigorate Alienware’s focus as well as streamline the company’s offerings as a whole. A “combined gaming design and development unit” will tackle the seven current Alienware models and attempt to claw back sales that had been lost thanks to the XPS overlap.


SlashGear Week in Review

More speed, more gameplay and more pixels has been the theme of the week, with a variety of new hardware launches and upgrades together with some long awaited titles getting released.  Apple lived up to the rumors and introduced new processors and faster FSB for their iMac range, together with stirring up a little controversy over whether they’d had access to Intel’s future product line first.  Faux-Apple hardware also get plenty of attention, as Psystar’s OS X-running Open Computer took time out from being sniped at by fanboys to get benchmarked.


Alienware launch m17x gaming laptop: $3k+ of Extreme performance

Alienware have released their latest gaming laptop, the m17x, and while it’s no ultraportable the specs more than make up for it. Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800M GTX SLI graphics driving a 17-inch WUXGA 1920 x 1200 LCD display, a choice of Core 2 Duo and Duo Extreme processors and an optional 1TB RAID0 array are the headline grabbers. The m17x can take up to 4GB of Dual Channel DDR2 667MHz RAM, as well as up to 1GB of dedicated video memory.


Alienware updates their Area51 line – now more NVIDIA-ish

Its not quite their best desktop, I think the ALX still holds that marker, but its their flagship desktop for sure. They are adding the two new products that were announced from NVIDIA the other day, the 790i SLI Ultra motherboard and the GeForce 9800 GX2.


Alienware launched High Definition Media Server

Alienware launched a new High Definition Media Server built upon its Hanger18 Media PC with upgrades like Optional Blu-Ray burner, support up to four Cable cards, 1080P output and 7.1 channels analog outputs.


Eazo X70 is a high end gaming PC with a sense of style

I am not going to bag on Alienware too much, but I have seen some of their desktop computers, and they aren’t too terribly attractive, in fact, the only desktop I’ve ever seen in person that looked good was the Blackbird 02, but much like both of those computers, this desktop from China has the performance, and the style. Sure it costs nearly 50 grand, but it has a side door that opens more eloquently than a Lamborghini.


nVidia GeForce 8800M GTX SLI configuration for hardcore gaming on the go

Once again nVidia has claimed the most powerful mobile graphics solution title by combining a pair of super fast 8800M GTX GPUs. I don’t think there is a single game out now that this duo can’t display at max resolution with a more than decent frame rate.


Samsung 64GB SSD performance benchmarks

Earlier this month Samsung sent over their new 64GB solid-state drive for us to play with, and Vincent promptly slapped it into his MacBook Pro to see whether it made much of a difference in access speed.  Well, we’ve finally dragged it away from him, extracted the SSD and put it through some benchmark testing.

As a test machine we used Alienware’s m9750 laptop running Windows Vista 32-bit (as we reviewed here), comparing the Samsung 64GB SSD with Sandisk’s 32GB SSD in both single and dual-drive RAID-0 configurations.  After each hardware change we reinstalled the laptop’s OS using Alienware’s supplied restore disk, then ran HD-Tach and HD-Tune to test burst and transfer rates.


nVidia drops 8800M in GTS and GTX versions

That means you can start expecting to see the new mobile graphics chips in your favorite high end laptop manufacturers product lines. They both work with DX9 and DX10 and include PowerMizer tech to keep power usage down when you aren’t gaming or watching HD content.

I had the pleasure of toying around with the Alienware laptop we got in the other day, and I must admit, I am impressed with how far mobile graphics has come. I mean, my last laptop had 64MB of shared graphics memory on a Radeon 9600 chipset, needless to say these chips, and those in the Alienware are a significant improvement.


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