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Tyrant Alarm makes unwanted phone calls

There have been several overly cruel alarm clocks pop up, the Sonic Boom alarm has been probably the worst, that is until now.  This clock appears perfectly innocent, but it actually uses a bit of negative reinforcement to get your rear out of bed.

Every three minutes after it goes off, if you don’t shut it off, it will make random phone calls from your cellphone.  That’s right, have a number you’re hanging onto for sentimental reasons but would never call, it may get dialed.

Even worse is if you happen to wake up someone that wasn’t ready to be awake yet.  I’m fairly sure that this would be extremely effective to have you bolting to shut it off in time.  This is still a concept design though, so the world is safe for the moment.  It was created by Alice Wang.

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Sonoro luxury CD clock-radio available in US

German manufacturer sonoro audio‘s products will be available soon in the US. We first saw the company’s cubo range of CD/MP3/radio units back at CES 2008, where sonoro revealed they were working on internet radio and iPod dock versions of the media player. The cubo will be available exclusively from priced at a rather large $349.99.


The DangerBomb Clock – Don’t worry, it won’t explode

For some, mornings are a major issue, mostly the part where you have to wake up. I tend to have a slight problem with it as well, I seem to lack the will to actually wake up. However, this alarm clock might be just the thing to make you finally get out of bed.


Mustek PF-E700 Picture frame does everything

It has an MP3 player, picture viewer, plays movies, tells you the time, shows a calendar, and will tell you what the temperature inside is. It also has an alarm clock feature built in so you can set it to wake you in the morning.


Laser Tag alarm clock is near impossible that early in the morning

Alright, so imagine waking up with the crusties in your eyes, barely able to see, and you have to hit a bull’s eye on a target in order the shut of the noise from hell also known as your alarm clock. Well that’s pretty much what you have to do with this alarm clock.


CES 2008: Memorex iWake Up Clock

The Memorex iWake Up Clock is made for the iPhone and iPod/touch. In layman’s terms it’s a radio alarm clock that allows you to wake up to your music, or if you want you can choose the AM/FM function.


CES 2008: sonoro CD/iPod clock-radio

Part of sonoro’s assault on your bedside table, the frustratingly-lower-case cubo is a clock/radio, CD player and iPod dock which can play back your mp3s as well as recharge your Apple PMP.


The Mini Alarm Clock

For those that travel quite often, those hotel alarm clocks don’t always seem trustworthy enough. Generally, if you actually attempt using the foreign alarm clock you spend the rest of the night sweating that maybe you set it wrong. This Mini Alarm Clock is portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

Sadly, this device seems about 10 years too late, since most of us just use our cellphone for an alarm when we’re away from home. However, it does also have a built in flashlight and sometimes those alarms in our phones malfunction a bit. That or you may not have an annoying enough ringtone to wake you up in the morning. So, if you need an alternative this little clock is just the thing.

It measures 1” x 3” x .75” therefore it would be great to just toss in your pocket or in an overnight bag. It also includes a calendar, stopwatch and timer. All together it costs $25.

Mini Alarm Clock
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The Space Invaders Alarm Clock

Everyone needs that one room in their house that is dedicated to Space Invaders, of course, you’ll need a seperate one for all the Mario Bros. accessories too. If you’re going to dedicate any room to Space Invaders, I would suggest making it your bedroom just so you can have this bad boy lying next to your bed.


A Clock With Time and Space

The Space Projection Alarm Clock is bound to be a hit with not only children but also all those harboring an inner Trekkie. The clock comes with an amber colored LED display and if you’re like me, you can always use another LED light! However, this clock is not limited to normal clock standards. This alarm clock comes with both time and space, and it puts them on your ceiling.

You’ll get your choice of three spaced themed images: full moon, starry sky and Saturn. The Space Projection Alarm Clock also comes equipped with three different alarm tones. You get your choice to be awakened by: transport, ping, or analyze. You can mix and match to get your full outer space experience.


Chumby Internet Appliance alarm clock reviewed

I’m not quite sure how she engineered it – feminine wiles, I’ll bet – but Julie Strietelmeier over at The Gadgeteer managed to get onto the very, very exclusive list of pre-release buyers of the endearing Chumby alarm-clock-cum-web-appliance, and she’s been busy reviewing the little fella.  In case you’ve forgotten, the Chumby is a compact touchscreen and Freescale processor with a couple of USB ports and a WiFi ‘g’ connection; in its most basic mode it works as an alarm clock, but delve deeper and you can use it for all sorts of real-time information.  Think something like Ambient Devices range of wireless info-devices, only using WiFi.


Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock will make you go deaf

You get roughly a minute and a half before you start losing some of your hearing, but at 113 decibels, if you don’t wake up before a minute and a half, you must be deaf already or dead. You can set the volume, but it maxes out at 113 decibels.

There is also a thing to vibrate the bed, I would assume you’d place the item beneath the mattress. Hopefully, for your neighbors sake, you can use that combination and wake up with a lower volume setting than 113 decibels.


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