Polaroid PoGo portable Bluetooth mini-photo printer

Polaroid first showed off their PoGo portable photo printer back in January, at which point we were told that it would be launching imminently.  Several months later, the company finally has a release date for the device, which uses an inkless printing system developed by Zink to create 2 x 3-inch full-color copies of images from your digital camera or cellphone.


CES : Polaroid Instant Photo went Inkless and Portable.

Remember the mini printer that fits in your pocket from Zink? They have partnered with the creator of instant photo, Polaroid to push Zink Imaging into an instant and inkless mobile printer that’s capable to produce a full 2”x3” in less than 60 seconds. The pocket-sized mobile printer uses zero ink technology aka ZINK photo paper that embedded minuscule dye crystals in the photo paper. Heat from printer activates the dye crystals to form the ‘inkless’ image. It’s water resistant and dry instantly, even come with a peel-off sticker in the back for multipurpose uses.


CES 2008: Polaroid Freescape

Imagine combining the best of the TiVo and the best of a SlinBox all into one and you have a pretty good idea of what Polaroid is offering up with the Freescape. It’s a DVR, is a wirelessly streaming media hub, and it’s a place shifter, it is the ultimate in digital entertainment hardware.


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