Tadrian Lifecare's 'Personal Panic Button'

Generally, when you are in trouble and you well wishers are nearby they would help you out or call for help. But what is you are alone. Here is a very novel way to take care of youself when you are alone. It's the 'Personal Panic Button', but it's called the 'Skeeper' by Tadrian Lifecare. It's basically a wearable personal communicator with distress alarm. It has very simple controls. It plays the role of your speed dial wherein it allows the wearer to contact predefined telephone numbers, such as relative or emergency services. Also, when alarm is appropriated in a certain manner, it can send text messages to designated e-mail addresses.It also keeps track of the wearer's whereabouts and if the wearer has gone beyond a designated locality the alarm goes of. It can be programmed from the web. Its price has not yet been determined, but he product will come to the markets in the second quarter of 2006.