Tactical Assault Commander 4 adds keyboard and mouse control for PS4 gaming

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Anyone who prefers the mouse and keyboard controls of a PC for some game types has found a game they like on a game console and wished it had mouse and keyboard controls. I always felt that way before Halo landed on the PC. If there are games on the PS4 that you think would be much better if you had a mouse and keyboard, Hori has the controller for you called the Tactical Assault Commander 4.

This controller is part keyboard with 16 keys and a D-pad on the bottom right corner. The system includes a mouse for the right hand with a scroll wheel. This controller is officially licensed by Sony and is designed specifically to give your console PC style controls.

When you connect the Tactical Assault Commander 4 to your PS4, only the keyboard section connects to the game console. The mouse connects to the keyboard via a USB port on the back. The buttons for the controller are programmable.

Having the ability to program the controller is a big deal since games weren't designed with mouse and keyboard in mind. Hori is set to release the controller on October 9 and it can be pre-ordered now on Amazon for £86.35.

SOURCE: amazon