T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant pictured ahead of July 21st debut?

Chris Davies - Jun 22, 2010

Is this the T-Mobile USA branded Samsung Vibrant, the carrier’s rebadged version of the Samsung Galaxy S? According to CellPhone Signal it is, and judging by the shots T-Mobile has demanded a few tweaks for their version of the Super AMOLED Android 2.1 smartphone. Gone is the hardware “home” button, with the space now taken up with the usual menu, home, back and search keys we’ve seen on other Android devices. Meanwhile, contrary to rumors, it seems T-Mobile won’t be getting a version of the Galaxy S with a flash added.

In fact, beyond the button change things look – physically, at least – unchanged from the European Galaxy S we unboxed last week. According to the latest rumors, the carrier expects to launch the Samsung Vibrant on July 21st; of course, AT&T has also announced their own version, more heavily reworked, in the shape of the Samsung Captivate.

[via Android Community]

Samsung Galaxy S unboxing/hands-on:

[vms 1b7d5eabf33396c2683a]

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