T-Mobile 'Free Data for Life' tablet perk has been shut down

Back in October 2013, T-Mobile announced a then-new perk for tablet owners that would give them 200MB of 4G LTE data for free every month. It was a great offer at the time, and though it's still great to get something free today, the 200MB figure doesn't go very far. It's for that reason that T-Mobile has shut the program down; as of yesterday, any new tablet activations won't get the free monthly data, though existing users won't be affected by the change.

T-Mobile originally launched the Free Data for Life promotion as a way to hook new subscribers; something that helped kick off what has snowballed into the Uncarrier's various promotions and perks. There's nothing to dislike about free data — it is free, after all, so who can complain? Anyone who activated a tablet at T-Mobile and got the Free Data perk will get to keep it as long as they don't drop the service.

T-Mobile quietly made the change on its support page for the Free Data for Life promo, noting that as of May 7 it is no longer available too those with a new tablet activation. The Uncarrier went on to confirm the news, explaining in a statement that 'in 2013, 200MB of high-speed data was a lot. Today, customers want unlimited and we're all in with T-Mobile ONE.'

To get that unlimited data on a tablet, customers will need a T-Mobile ONE plan and then will need to add the tablet to the plan for an extra $20/month. If an extra $20/month bill isn't appealing but a bit of free data is, check out FreedomPop and its free basic data every month.

SOURCE: Tmonews