Syrian Electronic Army breaches MarkMonitor, toys with Facebook's domain

The Syrian Electronic Army has kicked up another ruckus, this time posting pictures on its latest Twitter account showing an apparent breach of MarkMonitor, as well as a screenshot to back up a claim that it had taken control of Facebook's domain, though a recent WHOIS check shows it back under Facebook's own info.

MarkMonitor is a domain management system, and based on screenshots posted on the SEA's Twitter account, it gained access to the Administration Panel. It followed this up with images pointing out Facebook's domain, as well as accounts for Google, Yahoo, and more. Facebook was the apparent chosen target, or, at least, the first they got to before the damages were reversed.

The screenshot posted by SEA showed's WHOIS information listing "Syria" under the street name and "Damascus" under the city, as well as a[at] email address. Others around the Internet confirmed the information change, though as mentioned it has since been reversed. Nothing changed for Facebook users.

On the Twitter account, the Syrian Electronics Army said it had changed the nameservers to hijack the site, but that the process was taking too long. As a result of the breach, MarkMonitor took its management portal down. No official statements by the affected companies have been issued yet.

SOURCE: The Next Web