Swann's PenCam DVR allows you to covertly record videos

Swann Communications has formally announced the debut of the PenCam DVR, which secretly captures video footage and then transfers it to the users computer. This all-in–one surveillance system gives anyone the tools needed to take their own hidden videos.

With the PenCam DVR you can capture color AVI video files with the hidden camera concealed in the end of real working the pen itself. The footage is then saved to the 2GB of internal memory for over 3 hours of video footage on a single upload. The Lithium-ion battery also only last 90 minutes on a single charge. When you're ready to upload your videos, simply unscrew the pen and a USB connector is revealed.

"The addition of internal memory is by far the biggest improvement we made to the original PenCam concept," commented Guy Pithie, Swann Communication's Vice President North America. "Our customers are also looking for simplified ways to transfer video footage to their computers, making it easy to upload to sites like YouTube. The PenCam DVR's hidden USB connector is a clever way to easily remove video footage from the device without worrying about cables or adapters."

You can also record audio up to three feet away with the tiny built-in microphone. Soon users will be able to pick up the PenCam DVR for only $119.99 at any Swann's retail location or at online resellers.