Surface Pro 3 wages war with MacBook Air

Chris Davies - May 20, 2014, 10:37am CDT
Surface Pro 3 wages war with MacBook Air

Microsoft has revealed the Surface Pro 3, and the new Windows tablet’s main rival is clear: Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Air. The OS X ultraportable was brought up on-stage during Panos Panay’s presentation announcing the Surface Pro 3, and promptly slapped on a scale to show how the two hold up in terms of what you’ll feel in your bag.

The MacBook Air comes in at 1.25kg in 13-inch form. In contrast, the Surface Pro 3 is 800g and only 9.1mm thick, though that’s without a keyboard cover attached.

However, Panay later added a keyboard to the scale, to show that even with the extra weight it was still less than Apple’s notebook.

It’s not just in terms of weight that the Surface Pro 3 bests the MacBook Air, Panay argued during the presentation. Thanks to the higher resolution display, Microsoft says that you actually fit 6-percent more content on-screen than on the 13-inch panel of the Air, despite the screen being physically smaller, at 12-inches.

That’s a factor both of the 3:2 ratio, Panay pointed out, and the content scaling.

Microsoft’s argument is that people like the idea of a tablet but still find they have to go back to a notebook to do any real work. “Most of you buy two things,” Panay said, discussing the in-store retail experience. “We are taking this conflict away.”

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  1. Our team uses Surface Pro’s (original) purchased on the released date. We don’t regret it at all and they are good laptops, great desktops, however the battery life issue, heft, and small screen didn’t make it the best tablet. I couldn’t recommend it to our clients and used to recommend the Air instead. Now it seems Microsoft has finally reach that spec sweet spot on this one. One current client I have, we just recommended Mac Airs and a iPad but after seeing this it will likely just be a Surface Pro 3. But it will still be a hard sell because pricing is the issue. Seriously a 64gb model are you kidding me and no included keyboard? No included Office? The Air includes a keyboard and a productivity suite… (not the same but try explaining to non-tech people). WIll be interesting if Apple does release a iPad Pro that is a combo of the Mac Air and an Ipad…..

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