Surface Go USB-C adapters: less obnoxious, still pricey

Microsoft may have developed hurt feelings over criticisms of its late adoption of USB-C connectors. It has just recently revealed its promised USB-C dongle for its Surface devices and it might have made you cringe or scratch your head. Now it is revealing USB-C adapters for its Surface Go, which thankfully does use USB-C. They still leave you wondering, however, if the company is trolling USB-C advocates in one way or another.

The aforementioned Surface USB-C dongle is a giant among its peers, as big as the Surface's power brick while really only giving access to one USB-C port. Plus, it's also a tad expensive for its function, making the accessory almost laughable.

The Surface USB-C to Ethernet and USB Adapter shown above fortunately has a reason to be big. As the name says, the box has a port for an Ethernet connection as well as full-sized USB. The $54.99 price tag, on the other hand, might make you think twice.

The Surface USB-C to USB Adapter might not even be up for discussion. It's really just a small adapter that has a singular purpose and single ports. One male USB-C connector on one end and a female USB-A port on the other. And it costs $19.99.

Microsoft hasn't officially acknowledged these accessories on its own Store but they can already be pre-ordered on Best Buy. They will ship on August 2, in time for the Surface Go though they're also compatible with the Surface Book 2. Then again, you might also find other compatible and cheaper equivalents from equally reputable brands anyway.