StyleShoots Live smart studio doesn't need a (human) photographer

Dutch company StyleShoots has introduced its new StyleShoots Live, a so-called 'smart studio' that can take videos and stills all on its own. The idea here is that traditional photography shoots require (human) photographers, but as with all things, those humans are being made redundant by artificial intelligence and robotics. With this smart studio, technology handles everything from lighting to adjusting the shots, leaving humans to handle the reviewing and, if necessary, post-processing aspects.

This smart studio has been designed for brands and similar companies specifically, with one stressed upside being the rapid production of professional still photos and videos. A fashion company, for example, can have their model pose within the StyleShoots Live contraption as it moves around cameras and lighting and records all the related content. The entire process is said to be efficient and fast.

The company says that machine intelligence works to automatically apply edits before pushing the content for review to a human. Assuming whomever is in charge likes the content, it can then be exported in various formats to other equipment, enabling direct delivery to catalog managers, social media staff, and more.

The smart studio features a Canon 1DX Mark II camera and a 3D depth sensor, as well as the company's own proprietary software for controlling the camera and lighting. Companies can customize the types of styles they want, and the machine will do the rest for them. For videos, both transitions and effects can be applied, while photos can be auto-cropped to various aspect ratios and more.

SOURCE: StyleShoots