Study shows fewer teens are able to buy M-rated games than R-rated movies

People like Jack Thompson are always advocating against violent video games, and discussing how easy it is for minors to walk into their favorite store and purchase them. Well according to a recent study by the FTC, kids are actually having a difficult time procuring M-rated games.

The study found only 20% of underage kids were able to acquire mature games from retailers. This is a huge drop from last year, which was at 42% in 2006 and 69% in 2003. The breakdown by retailer is as follows:

  • Game Stop/EB Games – 6%
  • Wal-Mart – 18%
  • Best Buy - 20%
  • Toys R Us - 27%
  • Target – 29%
  • Kmart - 31%
  • Circuit City - 38%
  • Hollywood Video - 40%
  • Now here's a fun fact for those of you wondering how easily kids are getting their hands on other mature media such as CDs and DVDs. 54% of kids were able to buy explicit CDs, 47% could get R-rated DVDs and 36% gained admittance to R-rated movies at the theater. Suddenly it doesn't sound like video games are such a big issue.

    [via GamePolitics]