Strings messaging service lets you take back what you sent

Now that you've done your partying and charged your phone up, check out your messages. did you send anything you maybe shouldn't have? Do you regret any of those "Happy New Year!" messages? Well, they're all out there now, aren't they. If only there was an app that would let you pull back your messages or photos. Wait, there is — Strings. The new messaging platform lets you yank sent messages back, even if the recipient has received them and laughed at you already.

Strings works with message, pics, videos of any length, and emails.

Both users must have Strings installed, but the app has a neat trick for those who do sign up. Once you send a message (even pics, videos, and email) via Strings to another Strings user, you can remove the message from their server — and your recipient's device. Thanks, permissions.

Better yet, for anyone to save an embarrassing pic or video to their device, they'll need your permission first. Screenshots are much like Snapchat, where you get an alert if someone took a grab of your sent item. Strings also sends them a warning, and bans them after three screenshots.

Handy, sure, but permissions and access to your device from within messaging apps are suspect in the wake of Snapchat's leaked images. If Strings has a safeguard we aren't yet aware of that prevents such intrusions (even via third-party apps), we'd love to hear about it (Strings reached out to let us know phone numbers secure accounts; they feel it's more secure than usernames and passwords).

For now, Strings is iOS only, but is free to download and use.

Source: App Store

Via: TechCrunch