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Your Lock Screen Is No Longer Safe
Lock screen ads could be coming to smartphones: According to sources speaking to TechCrunch, Glance is set to launch on Android smartphones in the U.S. at some point between July and September 2022. Glance’s “reimagined” lock screen is essentially a media platform in itself that promotes content based on a user's perceived preferences.
When active, Glance will display everything from game ads to suggested fitness articles, and current news to random trivia. The stumbling block for users who prefer to avoid ads is that all of this is displayed directly on the phone's lock screen, so as soon as the device is picked up and the screen turns on, they’re immediately looking at whatever Glance is promoting to them.
Though specific phone models and carriers remain unknown at this time, the report claims that Glance is in talks with multiple U.S. carriers over partnerships that may bring its platform to “several” different Android phone models. There's likely still a lot of backroom red tape that needs to be sorted out before something like this ends up on the majority of smartphones.