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Xbox Cloud Gaming Streaming Stick: Everything We Know
Windows Central has received confirmation from Microsoft that the company is working on a "modernized HDMI streaming device that runs Xbox Game Pass and its cloud gaming service." Currently in development under the name Project Keystone, the game streaming dongle has been an active project for the past couple of years.
Microsoft hasn't shared many details, except the fact that its game streaming stick can be "connected to any TV or monitor without the need for a console." Whether Microsoft goes for in-house software on its game streaming stick or adopts Google's Android to put more services at the disposal of users remains to be seen.
Keystone definitely seems like yet another step by Microsoft to put the Xbox game ecosystem on more devices than just consoles, PCs, and smartphones. Cloud-based game streaming eliminates the hassle of spending big bucks on dedicated game hardware, and adding a plug-and-play streaming stick provides more versatility to the whole ecosystem.