Windows 11 operating system logo is displayed on a laptop screen for illustration photo. Gliwice, Poland on January 23, 2022. (Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
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Windows 11 PC Settings That Are Ruining Your Experience
Productivity tools
One of the best additions Microsoft included in Windows 11 is a new suite of multitasking tools, such as Snap Groups and the title bar window shake feature. However, not all of these helpful add-ons are enabled by default, so you’ll have to enter the System section of the Settings app, click on “multitasking,” and turn on the features.
Windows 11 is filled with ads for Microsoft services and products, with everything from Microsoft 365 to Teams. Fortunately, you can opt out of most Windows 11 ads by deleting your advertising ID. Afterwards, head to General in the Privacy & Security section to turn off “Tailored Experiences” and switch off every toggle you see.
Explorer ads
Microsoft ads in Explorer may no longer be a problem, as the company claimed they’d released an internal build to the public by mistake. Regardless, to prevent this from possibly happening later, open Explorer and click the three horizontal dots to find the Options, then enter the Advance Setting and turn off “Show sync provider notifications.”
While Microsoft requires a lot of data to be collected, you can withhold and delete some data by heading to “Privacy & Security” in the Settings app and selecting “Diagnostics & Feedback.” Toggle off “Send optional diagnostic data” and “Improve inking and typing,” then set Feedback frequency to Never and click Delete under “Delete diagnostic data.”
While you may have some programs that need to open alongside Windows when it starts up, having too many can slow down the process. You can select what programs run on startup by heading to Task Manager and selecting “Startup apps.” Click on any unnecessary programs, then click Disable in the top right of the Task Manager window.